Candy Crush Saga Free Downoad – Tips and Tricks to Help You Win

Candy Crush Saga has brought a revolution in the field of gaming apps.

Everybody is playing this game to either kill time or beat his or her friends up to reach the next level. The King team has made the Candy Kingdom where even the smallest kid is interested to live and play.

How to Play

It is easier to play the games if you know at least its basics. Get a grip on the moves before they completely exhaust.

  • You will have to swipe between the candies only in the provided dashboard.
  • Match three candies of same colour together, either vertically or horizontally.
  • Try eliminating those candies at first that scare you.
  • Bring a desired set of candies of same colour – orange, red, purple, blue, yellow and green together to make different candies.

The Levels

Candy Crush has  one thousand six hundred and sixty levels in one hundred and twelve episodes. Have a look at the levels that you need to pass to win the game.

  • Moves – You need to achieve a set of points in the granted number of moves
  • Jelly – You need to clear all the jelly off the screen before the lives exhaust.
  • Ingredients – Make place for the ingredients to get down at the bottom.
  • Timed – Achieve a certain amount of points before the time is up.
  • Candy Order – You need to crush all the candies reflecting on your screen before the moves are drained.

The Sound and the Vibration Effects

The effects of Candy Crush Saga are one of its kinds.

  • One piece of music is constantly played at the background when you are busy playing to match candies.
  • A husky sultry voice speaks when you achieve a set of points in one go such as Divine, Delicious and Sugar Crush. This voice is supported with a text that comes alive on the screen and makes us feel good of the small achievement.
  • Every time a candy is burst, you feel a vibration to your hands.

Tips and Tricks

Run through these tips and tricks to help you crush the candies effectively and win the game

  • Crush candies on the bottom first rather than making any move at the top. This helps in cascading the candies down and opening a window of opportunity.
  • Just make sure you crack the jellies at the corners first. Those ones can make you run out of lives and lose the game.
  • The best combination of candies is the stripped and wrapped. The moment you merge them, it clears most of the screen both vertically and horizontally.
  • The game may propose tentative matches every time. However, you cannot rely on those completely to achieve your level.
  • Make use of the power boosters effectively. You may need those especially in the higher levels than wasting it at simpler ones.

Climb all the levels of this sweet kingdom, and crush and eat as many candies as you can!

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