Samsung Galaxy S6 – How to Solve Storage Issues and Lack of MicroSD Card?

One of the biggest downsides of the Samsung Galaxy S6 is the lack of a microSD card slot.

Samsung had to remove the slot in order to make the design of the phone slimmer, sleeker and simply better. And while many will argue that even the entry level has enough of internal storage space at 32 GB, some people simply demand more. The two other versions of the S6 offer 64 and 128 GB of built in space. The good news, however, is that while Samsung removed the card slot, the phone still has a microUSB port. This allows for some creative way to add more storage to your Galaxy S6.

MicroSD Card Reader

The first and obvious reason is to purchase a microSD reader. The price of such card readers is between $10 and $30. You will still need to insert the microSD card into the reader. The reader simply adds the slot that Samsung has removed from the design of the phone. You can attach the microSD card reader to the USB port and then continue with business as usual. MicroSD card readers are great way to store music and pictures and still have tons of space on your phone.

Dual-USB Storage

Another great solution, and possibly even better one than the microSD card reader. The dual-USB storage can work as both card reader and a USB flash drive. In other words, you can use it to attach a microSD card on it and add valuable space or you can use it for file and data transfer between your Samsung Galaxy S6 and laptop, tablet or desktop computer. The price for such devices starts at $20 at Amazon and can go up to $70.

Charging Cable

You know that USB charging cable you use to charge your Galaxy S6? Well, another option is to use the charging cable as a USB and quickly transfer files from your handset to your laptop. This will free up space on your S6 on the go and you can then transfer back the files when you have space. But if you need to free up memory on the go, the USB charging cable is the way to go.

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