Wireless Control Gadget with Smartphone

If you love gadgets and you own a home, 2015 is the best year that you can ever want.

Almost every single day of the year comes in with a new and totally different gadget meant for different uses, for instance, gadgets for controlling other household items in a digital way, using a remote wireless connection.

One such gadget is the smartphone and ever since this device came into being, a lot has transformed in many people’s lives. If you think this is a fluff, just take a good look around your house and almost everything you see around can actually be controlled digitally using a wireless connection, be it Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Whether it’s your TV, door locks, coffee maker, speaker, watch, lights and even vacuums; all these can be remotely controlled using a smartphone.

However, here is a list of only some of the coolest gadgets that you can easily control using your Android, iPhone, iPad or iPod.


Using Lockitron, you can lock your door from any global location. This device comes with a keyless entry that makes use of your smartphone and usually, it is placed inside most deadbolt locks. Lockitron also features an in-built Wi-Fi and as such, you can easily check the status of the door (locked/unlocked) regardless of where you are.

The good thing is that whenever someone else opens the door using their key or smartphone, you’ll be notified on your smartphone. This is because it is possible to share the access with your family and friends by simply adding their phone number or email address and the company will take care of the rest. This device also features a Bluetooth 4 integration that ensures your iPhone is automatically detected and the door is unlocked.

Sonos Play 3

The Sonos Play 3 is a versatile speaker that is also very compact and it can be placed on any vertical or horizontal surface. You can easily control this wireless speaker using your iPhone, iPad or Android device.

Belkin WeMo Baby Monitor

The WeMo Baby Monitor from Belkin is the best gadget you can use to keep an eye on your young ones with the help of your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad. This application will turn your smartphone into a baby monitor thanks to its visual and audio abilities that let you know where and what exactly your baby is doing.

EasyBulb Plus

Using EasyBulb Plus, you can easily take care of your home or office lights from your smartphone. Furthermore, it is also possible to change the color of light with the help of the color wheel placed on the smartphone app. EasyBulb Plus will let you control a group of lights or an individual light, it comes with the night sleep mode and it also features a time function.

Doorbot Wi-Fi doorbell camera

This is a Wi-Fi video camera that can be connected to your smartphone, so that you can easily see whoever is at your door, regardless of where you are in the world. This is a cool gadget that you can use to keep your home secure at all times and know who visited you when you were away.

PlayBulb smart speaker bulb

This is a Bluetooth-enabled smart speaker bulb that will give you both lighting as well as music in their best qualities. You can control this gadget using your Android or iPhone.

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