Samsung Galaxy S6 – How the Camera Handles the Real World?

The camera of the Samsung Galaxy S6 is arguably one of its biggest strengths.

Samsung has delivered a camera that is great in power, customization options and camera features. With a 16-MP sensor on the back and optical image stabilization, the Samsung Galaxy S6 delivers extremely good quality pictures. And then there is the dual LED flash for better quality in low light conditions. But that is all talk. So let’s break down how the camera works in the real world.


Taking macro pictures is a big trend recently, and the Galaxy S6 tries to deliver the best results in this area. The pictures taken in macro mode bring good overall results, but they lose a bit of the details. One can argue that objects are not as crisp as many would love them to be, but this is a smartphone, not a digital camera. However, the Galaxy S6 doesn’t disappoint.

Indoor Pictures

The best thing about indoor pictures is that the Samsung Galaxy S6 balances the contrast extremely well, even in areas with little to no light. Some grain is noticeable in the darker areas, but one can expect that from almost any camera that is not professional. If your shooting position is stable, the Galaxy S6 will deliver great photos in areas with extremely low light.

Outdoor Pictures

Even without HDR, in full auto mode, the Samsung Galaxy S6 handles high contrast situations and delivers brilliant photos of sunlight and the blue sky. Shadows are also visible. Most importantly, photos look real, and the colors are almost the same as they are in the real world. Previous Samsung phones tended to deliver unrealistic colors, but the Galaxy S6 does a great job in this area.


One trend in taking pictures is snapping a close object with a distant background. In the past, the background might have come out blurry, but the Galaxy S6 handles the details and the depth of the field excellent. When you zoom in the distant field you will notice tons of details, which shows how balanced the focus of the Galaxy S6 is.

Skin Tones

One area that will surprise many is how perfect the Samsung Galaxy S6 captures different skin tones. In reality, every one of us has a different skin tone, and the Galaxy S6 makes sure it stays that way in the picture. The S6 is probably the best Android phone in this section, even though some photos might be blown out at the top.

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