Why You Can’t Activate Whatsapp Free Voice Calling Feature Yet?

The famous Whatsapp free voice calling feature is finally out and is in a new kind of beta phase right now.

Many websites have posted different possible ways to activate the app and be able to make calls to your friends but here’s why you can’t activate it just yet!

Device compatibility with Latest Version

The latest version of Whatsapp is 2.12.7 which is not officially available on Play store due to device compatibility issues. It is unauthorized by Google which easily leads to stability issues if your phone is not compatible. You can find it only in the developer website and in sites like APK mirror but not every user will be willing to risk their phone’s performance.

Need to find a User with Voice Calling

The biggest problem at the moment is that you can’t simply download the latest version and activate it. You need to find a user who already has joined the beta and has voice calls on his or her Whatsapp version. Only when they make a call to you, it will activate in your mobile. Too many users are bugging those with the feature and it’s not easy to find one in your country or any region, for that matter.

Everyone is not Tech Savvy

You have to manually download the version, install it using an APK manager and find a user from one region. Not everyone is tech savvy and it is practically impossible to get all the steps done without any errors.

The reasons are many and Whatsapp voice calling can’t be activated unless you love to get geeky. For the major lot, wait for a couple more weeks and they will roll it out officially.

How many of you have you got it already? Let us know in the comments section!

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