Watch Band from Apple Pledges Remarkable Battery Life

Apple has been a renowned name in the electronic industry.

It has been long since Apple has managed to maintain its supremacy on the smartphone arena. Apple’s incursion into the smartwatch arena earned them great accolades with the Apple Watch. However, the battery life of the Apple Watch remained a point of concern for most users. Regardless, a new accessory for the Apple Watch in the form of third party watchband intends to resolve the poor battery life issues. The latest watchband incorporates more juice into the Apple Watch.

It is also known as Reserve Strap and is comparable to the battery case of the iPhone. It is inclusive of a battery unit to be charged when you wear the Apple Watch. The Reverse Strap caters the smartwatch additional battery life for longer functionality.

Apple Watch is incorporated with wireless inductive charging. Therefore, the Reverse Strap has to achieve the same feature for charging the Apple Watch itself. The watchband has batteries implanted in it, which makes use of magnetic charging comparable to the latest MagSafe wall charger for the Apple wearable.

Apple opines that Reverse Strap or watchband would be able to enhance Apple Watch battery life approximately by 125%.

The watchband has been made available for Apple Watch users. The Reverse Strap can be pre-ordered for an exorbitant price of 249 USD. Apparently, Apple has not agreed upon the release timeline for the latest Apple Watch accessory. Moreover, the release date for the Apple smartwatch itself hangs in a dilemma.

The Company earlier held the opinion that Apple Watch has to be charged regularly. However, it would depend on your usage. Rumor mill suggests that Apple Watch is expected to come with a ‘power reserve’ mode. The feature would enable the Apple smartwatch to continue flaunting time on the display. No other activities would take place simultaneously.

A plethora of reasons could cause the quick battery drainage problem. Features such as navigation through the applications on the device and receiving notifications could be one cause for the quick battery drainage issue. However, the ultra-low power mode displays time on the Apple Watch screen and does nothing else. The smartwatch would act similar to a normal watch, despite the battery level being low.

Regardless the scenario, Apple alleges that smartwatch users would require charging the wearable depending on their usage. The latest reports reveal that the user could survive for a few days on lower battery with light usage. The Apple Watch is getting similar battery life as most other smart watches available in the market are presently availing. Furthermore, it seems to be lasting a day without charging the Apple Watch would be difficult.

The new watchband or Reverse Strap has been designed to put certain concerns regarding battery life of Apple Watch at rest. The watchband aims to provide a boost to the smartwatch when required. As the Apple Watch has not made an appearance in the market, the users would have to wait patiently.

Apple Watch has been expected to come at an exorbitant starting price of $350. The price quoted is for entry-level variant of the Apple Watch. The company has not revealed the price for Apple Watch Edition and Apple Watch Sport, but rumors suggest they would be costly.

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