WhatsApp Download And Experience Top Usual Problems and Solutions

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging applications, and with it you can write messages to your friends or family members, all day long without paying anything, as it only needs an internet connection available.

Problems and solutions:

1. I can’t install WhatsApp

In order to be able to install WhatsApp, you will need a smartphone that runs on Android 2.1 or higher. To check what Android version your smartphone runs, go to the Settings and tap on “About device”.

2. Installing WhatsApp on a tablet that’s not rooted or doesn’t have a 3G connection

If you have a tablet that only has Wi-Fi connection, you won’t be able to install WhatsApp. However, there is a trick that you can use in order to fix that. All you will need is a working phone that you will use in order to get verified, and an application.

In order to make your tablet “look” like a phone so you can install WhatsApp on it, first you will have to install an application called Go Contacts EX. After installing it, you will be able to install WhatsApp and when you will open it, the applciation will ask for verification. Enter your cell phone number and wait until you receive a SMS on your phone. In case you don’t receive a SMS, a robot will call you and give you the code. After that, just enter the number on the WhatsApp application from your tablet and the installation will be completed.

3. I have problems connecting to WhatsApp

Most of the problems related to internet are caused by the connection on your device.

Firstly, make sure you have an internet connection available and that you have the latest version of WhatsApp from Google Play Store. Make sure you don’t have some sort of a task killer application running, which might affect WhatsApp. In the worst case scenario, uninstall and install back WhatsApp and see if that works.

4. WhatsApp doesn’t recognize a contact

WhatsApp might have problems recognizing your contacts and here is what you can do:

– Make sure you have the correct number of your contact
– Make sure they have WhatsApp installed
– Make sure that you run the latest WhatsApp version
– Make all your contacts visible by going to your contact list and set them “visible” and “viewable”.

5. Checks and their meanings

A lot of WhatsApp users mistake the 2 ticks on their WhatsApp message window. Some think that when they see 2 ticks, that means the contact has read the message, which is wrong. The clock symbol means that your message is not yet sent from your phone/tablet, one tick is when the message has been received by the WhatsApp servers and 2 ticks appear when the message was received by the contact you’ve sent it to.

6. I want to add international contacts on WhatsApp

When you add someone who’s not from your country, use the area code first (for example +48 for Poland). If you don’t add the area code, you will never find your friend on WhatsApp.

7. I want to block a contact

In order to block a contact, just open the conversation with that contact and tap the option button (the three dots). After that, tap “more” and select “block”. In case you decide to unblock the contact, take the same steps and instead of “block”, choose “unblock”.

8. I want to pay for WhatsApp

WhatsApp may be free for the first year, but, after that, you will have to pay 0.99 dollars per year. That’s not a big amount and you make the payment using Google Wallet or PayPal.

9. WhatsApp “Last Seen” Meaning 

This feature shows you when that contact was “last seen” on WhatsApp. It doesn’t mean that (s)he has read all the messages, although (s)he was online.

10. I want to delete my WhatsApp account

Keep in mind that deleting WhatsApp and deleting WhatsApp account are two different things. However, if you decide to delete your WhatsApp account, you will just have to go to WhatsApp Settings->Account information->Delete account. If you want to just uninstall the application, just go to your phone’s Settings->Application Manager->WhatsApp and tap “uninstall”.

11. Stopping people from knowing that you’ve read the messages they’ve sent

For now, you don’t have to worry about that because nobody will know if you did or didn’t read the messages they’ve sent to you. We say “for now” because there are rumors according to which the developers will add this feature soon.

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