Android 4.5 L – The Rumors and Reports That Come with the New Operating System

Google has finally confirmed the release of a new version of its Android operating system; but it has only called it as Android L.

Whether it will be hailed as Android 4.5 or even 5.0, remains largely unclear. Even the name is still unclear because all Google did was to address it as Android L. There were rumors that it will be called as lollipop; however, Google hasn’t offered an affirmative answer as of now.

The Designing

There are rumors circulating in the market that Android L will have a revolutionary design. As per the media reports, it is likely that the design of the new operating system is going to be such that the animation and other effects are going to be much more realistic. Though, we must be quick to add that the overall design will still be flat, like it used to be. As per Google, they have used the 3D tile effect and have tried their best to make the interface intuitive enough so that both developers and users can benefit from the use. Further, there will be seamless interconnections between one animation to the other and thus switching from one app to another is going to be a whole lot more intuitive as well.

This is definitely an extremely remarkable change, which Google is launching, and they are hopeful that users will love the new feel and design of the much awaited operating system.

Some Big Changes

There are some really big changes in store as you can find that the notification panel and the lock screen are going to be integrated much more closely. There are reports that you will be able to access your notification panel right from your lock screen itself. Further, you will have the provision of having apps run over another app, like getting a notification, if you want to take a call even when your game is on. Hence, the overall interaction which you had with the phone is going to improve.

Google Now remains one of the most awaited features because there are reports that it is going to come with a lot of new changes and improved aspects as well. Google Now was developed to give Siri a tough competition and it looks like it is succeeding in its attempt.

Speed Remains the Key

Google is paying too much emphasis on the speed of operation too. In order to give Apple a strict competition, Google has worked on some key aspects and if rumors are to be believed, Android 4.5 is going to be really fast and it will look good and shall be much more efficient as well.

We have to wait until the final release to see which of the rumored features finally make it to the final end product. However, the media is buzzing with reports that Android 4.5 is likely to be the best upgrade in a long time as it comes packed with some of the most awaited features. With the launch very close-by, we can’t wait to see for ourselves.

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