Samsung Galaxy S5 – 5 Ways to Improve your Galaxy S5 with Android 5.0 Lollipop

Even though the Samsung Galaxy S6 was released a few days ago, the Samsung Galaxy S5 still remains a favorite phone for many Samsung enthusiasts.

The phone is equipped with a superb camera and an exceptional processing power, which are able to more than make up for the unattractive design of the phone.

The Galaxy S5 is one of the devices for which Samsung has already rolled out the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop updates.. With this new OS, it is very important that you equip yourself with a good number of tips and tricks that you could use, in order to improve your experience of using a Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone running on the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop.

Cinema mode

If you are looking to have an exceptional view when playing videos and games or even when online, make use of the cinema mode. This mode can be found in the display settings and it provides an exceptional color replication and improves your general viewing, making it more enjoyable.

Operate your Galaxy S5 using one hand

The Galaxy S5 can be a problem for some people to handle using one hand, especially if their hands are small. However, Samsung was very much aware of this scenario and included a feature to help. Using the one-hand mode of operation, you can reduce the size of the screen being used such that everything is within the reach of your thumb.

To enable the one-hand operation in Galaxy S5, go to “Settings>Sound and display>One-handed operation” and swipe your thumb to either direction of the screen. The feature includes quick access to apps located towards the bottom and side of the resized window. It is also possible to adjust their sizes by pulling the outer corner.

Private mode

Keeping hold of personal information has become a huge problem as people keep finding sneaky ways of getting into these gadgets and stealing information. Samsung is also aware of this development and in the Galaxy S5, you can make use of the private mode and hide your documents, pictures, videos and other files and only access them using a special PIN.

To enable this mode, go to your settings and navigate to the personalization category. Switch this option on and go ahead and create a PIN. The mode will be activated and you can see this from the notifications bar. Go to the files you want to keep private, for instance, pictures and long press on any of them. Tap on the menu button and then select “Move to Private”. All of the selected files will be moved to a different folder which will not be visible outside Private Mode.

 S Finder

The S Finder can help you find anything on your Galaxy S5, be it an app, a contact, an event or even a document. All you need to do is simply pull down the notifications bar and from there you should see the S Finder button. Tapping on this button will open up a new window in which you can key in your search parameters, rather than hover around your phone looking for a certain file.

Turn power saving mode on

The Galaxy S5 comes with two power saving modes. Using the Ultra Power Saving Mode will largely cripple the general functionality of your S5. It is usually viable in extreme cases, for instance, when on a road trip with no power. On the other hand, the regular power saving mode is a bit friendly and can be used regularly. However, you might still want to leave the background data services running in order to get the right mix for your needs.

Set up the finger scanner appropriately

There is a lot of fuss about the fingerprint scanner of the Galaxy S5. However, it is true to say that this feature works perfectly well, but it requires the appropriate setting up. Make sure you do the same thing with the registration as you’d expect to always do when unlocking the phone.

Swipe your thumb down and over the home button so that the scanner registers this movement as the one that will be used for unlocking the phone. With the fingerprint scanner, you can say goodbye to the two-handed unlocking of your phone.

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