WhatsApp Plus v6.76 (Anti Ban) APK Free Download And Install

The unofficial version of WhatsApp received a new update a few days ago and you can download it from different websites, after doing a simple search on google. The new version is ban-free and can be installed on Android smartphones, but you can also get the Reborn 1.66 version provided by OnHax.

Unfortunately, those who are banned by WhatsApp for 24 hours, they must wait until the ban is removed, then they will be able to use this application. After the timeout is complete, download the WhatsApp plus v6.76 APK file to your computer or smartphone, perform a backup of your chats and broadcast lists from WhatsApp, delete or uninstall the official application, open the APK file and install it on your smartphone (if you have to transfer the file from your computer, use a USB cable or send it via Bluetooth). Follow the instructions, tap on Accept to agree with the terms of conditions and wait until the new version is installed on your device. Then, restore the backup and you’ll have your messages and broadcast list back. Congratulations, now you can continue chatting with your friends and enjoy the extra features that WhatsApp Plus comes with.

Here’s a list of key features of this unofficial version:

– It allows you to customize its interface by changing the colors, sizes, themes
– You’ll have extra media upload limit, increased up to 50MB, instead of 16MB, as the WhatsApp supports.
– You can send the original picture and its quality won’t be affected as on WhatsApp, where the resolution is decreased.
– You can share music, copy a portion of the text, not the entire text, and send it to your contacts
– If you want to hide your profile picture and see phonebook pictures in chat screen, now it’s possible
– The application is add free, so you won’t see annoying ads
– You will be able to watch status in the chat screen.

The new 6.76 version came with changed attach icons and it’s available for infinite time, as you will no longer get warnings after 180 days.

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