Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – Now With Android 5.0 (Lollipop) – Free Download & Install

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is undoubtedly a great device to own, by many standards.

It has premium features that include the premium screen with the AMOLED display and high resolution that makes one see as if they are looking at images using their naked eye. There’s also the S pen that allows you to select, share, edit and save any content as well as experience digital handwriting, you can manage multiple applications via Multi-window, there’s increased charging speed, and there’s many other features too.

In spite of all these amazing things, using Android 5.0 Lollipop on the device is the other feature that will re-define Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

What is Android Lollipop?

It is Google’s new Android user interface whose most amazing feature is probably easy navigation. One is able to see the origin of every action and follow the transition to what comes next.

Lollipop also has more dynamic notifications. You can contract or expand them, mute them for sometime, prioritized and hidden, depending on the notification settings. Project Volta will enhance your battery life. It is able to organize background app activity into batches. This keeps unnecessary phone waking at bay. It is able to detect weak signals and stop data requests. It is able to multitask- not by switching between apps but by operations within one app.

The guest mode allows you to temporarily create a blank phone for someone else to use without access to your apps or even data. It also allows you to pin one app in a way that cannot be exited. This is a great idea if you have children. They can get to play games without interfering with your data or apps.

When to get Android 5.0 for your Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Android Lollipop was confirmed to be the name for Android 5.0 during the launch of Nexus 6. The Galaxy Note 4 may have been launched a little earlier than the Android Lollipop, but it will be updated probably by February 2015. The release of a video showing Android 5.0 running on the Galaxy S4 is a sure indicator that updates will soon begin being rolled out.

Other Samsung phones- Galaxy S5, Galaxy Alpha, Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy S4 mini, and Galaxy S5 mini. Other older versions- Galaxy S3 and older may not gain access to the Lollipop update. For the tablets, the Note Pro and Tab S family could get Android 5.0 updates.

Download and Install Android Lollipop

The procedure:
— Ensure that your data is backed up, as you could have it all erased
— Download the 2MB installer and follow instructions
— Download the file that is appropriate for your device and a utility that can extract the files from the .tgz file, for instance, 7-zip
— Extract the contents of the .tar file
— Copy the contents of the hammerhead-lrx21lo folder to the ADB and Fastboot folder
— Choose ‘settings’ on your phone
— Scroll to ‘About phone’ then to ‘Build Number’
— Tap it 7 times
— Enable USB debugging in the developer options menu
— Download the Google USB driver
— Click ‘devices and printers’ on control panel
— Right click on it and select ‘properties’
— Update the driver
— Power off your phone, leaving connected to your PC via the USB port
— Start it using the correct key combination so as to put it in ‘fastboot’ mode.
— Unlock the bootloader and install the Lollipop firmware- type ‘flash-all’. This begins the process.


The Android Lollipop has re-defined features offered by Android. When combined with the featured availed by Samsung Galaxy Note 4, the user experience will be simply indescribable. Since the Galaxy Note 4 is yet to be updated with the Android Lollipop, you can experience the 5.0 on a Nexus.

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