GoPro vs iPhone 6 – Photography and Camera Comparison


Photography is an art that is practiced by both hobbyists and professionals. When you want to capture a moment, a scene or a memory, you can either use your phone or a GoPro. The GoPro and the iPhone 6 have a number of features in common. They also posses a few differences in a number of features which can determine where you use each of the two.

This mutual win lose situation between the two has prompted a comparison between the two. If the two were put side by side, what would be the reasons why you pick one over the other? Here are a few:

1. Overall Design

Let’s start with the design. The iPhone 6 is slim enough to fit in the pocket while the GoPro is big enough to warrant carrying an extra bag. This can be a determining factor when deciding on which of the two to use for a particular photography scenario. The design of the iPhone makes it a very convenient choice when you want to take selfies. However, it is best to use the GoPro when you are recording something underwater.

2. Features Shared and Features Different

There are a number of features which both the GoPro and the iPhone 6 have in common while they are different in others. Here is a rundown.

a. Wi-Fi
Both the GoPro and the iPhone 6 have wifi capabilities which allows you to share the photos you capture.

b. Waterproof Capabilities
When it comes to being waterproof, the GoPro is a guaranteed winner. It has been manufactured in such a way that you can take images and videos while underwater. For the iPhone, total waterproof is not guaranteed unless you have a special waterproof case.

c. Focus Pixels
When it comes to focus pixels, iPhone offers you the capability to focus easily on a certain area of the scene and control the lighting.

d. Touchscreen Lock
The GoPro also has a touchscreen lock for better image control while the iPhone lacks in that feature.

e. Sturdiness: Handling Rough Terrains and Frequent Bumping

For those photography trips where you have to go through rugged terrain, a good option to have would be the GoPro. This is because it is stable and can handle rough treatment or even drops. The iPhone on the other hand, can only take so much damage and is not guaranteed to survive a drop.

f. Resolution

Last but not least, the image quality of the GoPro and the iPhone 6 differ by quite a bit. The resolution on the GoPro is 12 megapixels while the iPhone 6 has 8 megapixels. This makes the GoPro the ideal candidate for when you really need the quality such as on a project. The iPhone 6 can be used for personal quality images and videos.

To sum it up, the iPhone 6 and the GoPro can be handy tools for photography. Even though both have a number of features in common, there are situations where one may be preferable over the other. Depending on the purpose and occasion, you may choose to pick one over the other but knowing the unique features that each possesses can be of great help.

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