Roku, Chromecast and Apple TV Gets Competition with Nvidia Shield Streaming Box

A new Android 4K television console has been launched in the market, named the Nvidia Shield.

Based on the specs and features it has, it easily gives a tough competition to Roku, Chromecast and Apple TV.

For a long time, since its launch, Roku has been the biggest player in the market, because they were the ones, who offered the most number of channels, HD content and a bundled remote control. It even had a port to connect your headset so that you could listen to your content without disturbing others in the same room. But, it hardly had any gaming capabilities and support for 4K content, maybe until the Roku 4 launches. Nvidia was quick to fill up this gap in the market.

Roku vs. Nvidia Shield vs. Apple TV

Nvidia Shield, which has been launched this week, is priced at $200 and it is powered by the latest Tegra X1 chip inside which has graphical capabilities as well as power to stream old PC, Xbox games over the cloud. Even new games, including Witcher and Crysis 3, run on it, which is something that the Roku can hardly do. It also provides the convenience of being powered by the Android operating system on the inside that lets you listen to music, play 4K movies, get information and have complete voice control facilities.

It comes bundled with a remote control that has touch sensitivity for volume control and also playback controls coupled with a headphone jack.

Gaming at its Best

In the comparison chart, it was revealed that Apple TV, Chromecast or even Roku doesn’t come close to the Nvidia Shield console. It has one of the best processors in town which is not only capable of rendering 4K content and other features, but also powers standalone gaming with a whole lot of amazing titles. It included some blockbusters like Crysis 3, Doom 3, Portal and Borderlands among many other indie games.

Besides allowing users to watch latest television series, movies and music, the Shield is also the best for gaming and cloud gaming services, which the company revealed in their keynote. There will be sometime before the home console launches; but it has already started making waves among the general public, especially those looking forward to enjoy great entertainment as well as gaming on a seriously small box that would hardly occupy any space below your HDTV. What do you think about this new launch and the features offered?

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