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On the Google Play Store, you’ll find pretty much everything you need on your Android device, from free messaging applications to photo editors, antivirus software, games and even email applications. Google has been keeping Google Inbox in beta for too long, but the new email client is finally here and since it was uploaded on the official Android store on May 28, it made some waves. Between 5 million and 10 million people have already downloaded it and there are more and more interested Android users who want to try it.

Inbox by Gmail has a lot of interesting features and it works with Android 4.1 and up. Highlights is a feature that will allow you to get information without opening the messages, to view photos from friends right up front, and to check-in for flights. If you get similar messages, they are bundled together and you can check all of them at once, or you can easily get rid of them with a simple swipe. If you have a bad memory, you’ll need to add Reminders… to remind you what you were doing in your inbox, so that you can go back to your actions. Snooze is another awesome feature that will allow you to snooze emails to return in a week or whenever you feel that you’re ready to deal with them. There is also the Search function which will help you to find information such as addresses, an upcoming flight etc., without digging through your messages.

Inbox by Gmail works with Gmail, as it was created by Google’s team of developers, so you’ll receive messages from Gmail and you will also benefit from this email service’s spam protection. This application is a combination between Google Now’s card based notifications and Gmail, creating an interesting mix of email and Google Now based updates, and so far, it received only positive feedback.

The stable version of Google Inbox came with some changes such as a new setting to swipe to delete; a new setting to set your signature; you can undo send, but only after a few seconds after the message has been sent; Reminders created in Keep will be found in Inbox; Google introduced Trip Bundles, which will contain highlighted important details related to messages about trips.

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