Nvidia RTX 2050: Do We Have a Release Date?

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The next CES event will surely come with plenty of info about our favorite products, and Nvidia has surely set its expectations high. We’re getting an RTX 2050 GPU for laptops, with the RTX 30 series technology. And we know when is its release date.

We have heard a lot of rumors going on the internet, saying that the RTX 40 series could be announced sooner than the CES 2022 event, but it seems that we’re actually getting one of its past generation GPUs, the RTX 20 series.

Nvidia has revealed that they want to uncover the RTX 2050 for laptops at the CES 2022 event – and it’s quite interesting, since it will be based on the RTX 30 technology.

So when is the release date?

The RTX 2050 laptops will make their appearance on the market in Spring 2022. And since the GPU is based on the RTX 30 series, RTX 2050 will also be present in budget laptops in 2022. This means that we might get a new range of mid-level to low-level laptops at a really affordable price.

Besides this new product, the company will also reveal details about MX550 and MX570 for laptops during the CES 2022 event. The event will take place from the 5th of January until the 8th of January.

AMD will also be present at the next event, and rumor has it, they will announce the RX 6500 XT as a budget GPU.

As of now, we are not quite sure if we’re going to get a huge announcement from AMD or Nvidia about new projects. Even if, you know, there are rumors on the internet saying that AMD will come with new products soon.


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