GTA Online: This Is the Helicopter You Need to Get

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GTA Online has a lot of great vehicles, made for all kinds of situations and missions. And if you have a proper vehicle, then you can make your life easier and complete missions in no time.

Many missions ask you to fly without actually crashing the vehicle, and cheats don’t really work with helicopters and planes. So you either need to keep track of spawn locations – which, let’s face it, is not that easy – or you need to spend millions. And spending millions may not be a good idea if you don’t know if the vehicle is worth it.

We have written this article to tell you which helicopters are worth the money and the fuss.


When buying a helicopter, you need to take into account the requirement and the value. Helicopters are classified according to maneuverability, weaponry and their ability to transport goods fastly and safely. So you need to choose one that suits you best while keeping in mind these aspects.

The helicopter that fits all of this criteria is Akula. It costs $3,704,050 at Warstock Cache and Carry and it can be stored in one personal hangar. You can also customize it at the Hangar Aircraft Workshop.

It is one of the fastest helicopters in the game, and it has recently received a boost for its acceleration rate. Akula’s responsive moments come in handy if you are attacked and you need a way out. This helicopter can even do an aileron roll. It comes with three different vision modes and you also have defensive equipment – missiles and machine guns which can help you a lot during missions.


We know, everyone loves FH-1, but we think Akula is a better fit, especially when it comes to missions. Its size and shape makes it easier for you to escape attacks, which is not something you can really do with FH-1.



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