Line vs WeChat – Find Out Which App Offers Free Calls and Text Messages of the Highest Quality

Constant developments in the World Wide Web (internet) have seen continued developments in messaging and general communication as well.

People no longer send letters via traditional mailboxes; instead, there is the use of email. On the other hand, sending messages and making calls has changed from being totally dependent on network providers and it’s now dominated by internet apps and messengers like Line, WeChat, Skype, Viber among other similar service providers.

Even though these apps generally serve the same purpose, the approach each of these apps employs, is totally different. To help you digest this, here is a very exciting comparison between two of the major apps in this business, Line and WeChat, that’ll help you determine which of the two is the better one for its users.

Number of Users

These two apps both entered the market in the same year – 2011. Since then, they have experienced immense growth in terms of the number of users. Towards the end of last year, Line was a leader in Japan as it became the most popular app on the country’s soil, amassing a population exceeding 300 million users. On the other hand, WeChat free voice calling and text messaging app was boasting massive numbers that more than doubled that of Line, a figure thought to be more than 600 million.

One evident thing is the regional differences of these apps. While Line is a popular app across the globe, WeChat is largely based in China. What explains the large number of users using WeChat is probably the high population of China as well as the high number of mobile users in the same country, which is thought to be more than the whole of USA’s population.

Appearance and Feel

WeChat has a better interface that is user friendly, natural and intuitive as opposed to Line’s, which requires several improvements to its menu, duplicate functions as well as placement of options. One downside of WeChat is the unimpressive rate at which they update their app, an area that Line has emerged as a winner in that it provides constant updates and improvements to the various functions of the app with the aim of making the app better.

The Stickers

Today, messaging has become more fun thanks to the emergence of stickers. Trending and high quality stickers, will for sure, create more attention. On this matter, Line is the winner. It carries out regular sticker campaigns designed towards generating funds aimed at charity purposes. In addition, more revenue is generated from selling these stickers. Several ambassadors have helped increase the popularity of this app by promoting these stickers in a significant way.

On the contrary, WeChat has a limited number of stickers in its store. However, one good thing about these stickers is their animation feature. Animated stickers improve the whole experience of using stickers as users find them to be more interactive. Furthermore, WeChat allows users to preview their stickers first before they can decide on the set to buy.

Yes, Line might be having an unlimited number of stickers; however, WeChat beats it with its few, but animated stickers that are more interesting and cheerful.


When talking mobile business (commerce), Line is the way to go. With Line, users are able to buy smartphone cases in addition to Maybelline lipstick. These are just some of the ventures Line launched on its platform. These events have provided much fun for users. On the contrary, WeChat offers its users with a very interesting extra feature that provides an extra connectivity option by allowing them to connect via their LinkedIn accounts.

Bottom Line

Both apps have some amazing features that make it quite a nut to crack when choosing from the two. Better still, generally, WeChat messenger appears to be fun and more interactive when compared to Line. Using one or both of them is totally at the user’s discretion.

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