GTA Online: Festive Event Comes With Snow and New Weapons

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GTA Online will finally get its Festive surprise update. And it will also come with snow in Los Santos, and we cannot wait to get our hands on the new update.

So what is this festive event?

Rockstar hasn’t released an official announce about a release date for this year’s Festive Surprise, but since the beginning of GTA Online back in 2014, we’ve had the event. So it’s happening for sure. The event usually starts in late December, and ends in the first week of January.

The update is limited-time, so make sure you play it. It adds snow, and everything is more interesting in the game. You can attack other players with snowballs, or use NPCs to kill them – and it’s actually quite fun.

The update also comes with new cars, new weapons, new presents and clothes for players. If you do log in regularly, there are the daily rewards, that are known to get a firework launcher during this event.

We’re also getting Special Crate Drops, with items from the previous events. All of the apartments will be decorated with Christmas trees and there will be new tattoos added to the tattoo parlors.

Is the Christmas event delayed?

We’ve seen The Contract DLC being added to the game on the 15th of December. It came with a lot of content and favorite characters – Franklin and Lamar. Dr. Dre was also there, and his music could be heard during gameplay. But there was no snow, and no special rewards. And the Festive Surprise event is related to one of the most wonderful times of the year (see what we did there?), so Rockstar should launch it before Christmas is here. But we know, they have a lot going, like the Definitive Edition Trilogy, which has probably kept them busy all this time.


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