New & Best Racing Games for iPhone 6 Plus

Games are a good option to kill time and boredom with one shot. An iPhone 6 Plus offers an advanced gaming experience to its users with its unique technology and advanced robotics. There have been an immense increase in release of games after the launch of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus solely because of amazing options it offers to its gaming users. We have a list compiled for you featuring all the games that are either top of the chart or fresh in the market.

Crash Drive 3D

Get into your Monster Truck and drive your way into the gigantic map loaded with ramps, hoops, and an uncertain terrain. You need to be fast and quick to grab as many points as you can to reach the glory. Gaining points will help you unlock vehicles including more Monster Trucks, Busses, or even Muscle Cars. The game provides you four events to choose from Checkpoint racing and coin collecting. The game has total 40 vehicles to unlock to carry out 9 challenges. The game offers a leaderboard to track your performance and achievements to compare with other players online.

RC Heli 2

Enough with bike racing or car racing, RC Heli 2 continues its legacy of offering unique racing experience and that with your own helicopters or what they call it, a Heli. The game has a free flight mode if you want to excel your piloting skills. The game has numerous in-app purchases including combat helis for combat mode, Cruiser 4 Ch UFO and Alien tech 4 Ch heli. Race mode has a racing track made in a 3 story house to offer you greater challenge and difficulty. You can even change the camera mode to first person or third person. You can also fix a camera for a different experience. RC Heli 2 has its very own personalized music composed by a professional musician from Italy, Davide Cecchi.

Fast & Furious: Legacy

Fast & Furious 7 is on everyone’s mind nowadays. Load your iPhone 6 Plus with this unique game featuring all the real time characters from Fast & Furious. You can join Tej, Roman, Letty and others to build your own legacy and race against street racers. The game has many locations from entire world including Rio to Tokyo and back to Los Angeles. Users can modify their cars and rush through the traffic, dodging incoming traffic and cop cars. The game has over 50 cars that you can choose from. All cars have 3D effects and exotic modification options.

Crazy Taxi City Rush

Cray Taxi is a game developed for SEGA a long time ago but now this game is designed for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. This game has add some new features as well, now cab drivers can modify their taxis to increase the visual appeal to customers with a wide a variety of upgrades and tops. You can even build your own fleet of cabs. There are also several changes made with the city you will be driving. The city has some new and classic characters that you can find and meet them for additional bonuses and missions. You can connect Crazy Taxi City Rush with your Facebook account and invite your friends to beat your high score and claim your victory.

Beach Buggy Racing

Beach Buggy Racing will let you drive and race with the action packed and fun filled off-road karts. You will be faced against a field of rival drivers who are equipped with unique personalities and some special abilities making their best to turn you down and kick you out. Collect power ups and combine them for crazy results. The game has many hidden power ups that you need to find and some that you need to earn. The game has six different modes that can be played on 12 colorful and imaginative tracks against your tropical rivals having high rage towards you. Worldwide this game has over 30 million players. The game is a good option for people all ages and above all, it is FREE!


A one of its kind 3D game developed by Z2Live, get into action packed 3D racing. It is simple and like all other games but with more energy and more action. Get yourself a car, get it upgraded in terms on engine, and appearance and turn on the Nitro! The game has many gaming modes including multiplayer, challenging your friends, or even have a one on one. The game can support up to 6 players multiplayer for an added tone of fun. You can choose from highly distinctive and stylish cars, load them with superchargers, exhausts, body kits, and spoilers. If you are facing tough competition that you had expected, then you can enhance your skills by playing time trials.

F1 Race Stars

F1 Race Stars is probably the world’s most famous F1 racing game so far, with its players’ availability in over 130 countries, and over 4 million downloads to date, no F1 racing game can be found matching such hardcore fan following. The game has added some fun and action into traditional F1 racing as racers can use power ups and can even hit jumps for increases speed and power. You can play multiplayer game mode with players available worldwide, or can even compete against CPU to increase your skills and driving. The game has really amazing over 15 action packed tracks on unique locations from Chine to all the way USA. The game has amazing visuals made by super smart graphics technology that will even include weather effects and load more amazing stuff to make it look like real and increase your F1 racing experience.

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