FIFA 16 – 3 Big Changes Coming to Electronic Arts Next Football Game


It’s already a year since FIFA 15 got launched and Electronic Arts is ready to showcase their next game in the series.

The company never ceases to launch new sports titles every year, because they make good money out of it.

However, the biggest change in FIFA 16 is surprising. It is not just better defense, increased goalie response or ultimate team management, but for the first time in history, they are going to include a female version of the game. Here are some of the interesting changes coming to the next game in the series.

Female Players

The biggest and the most interesting addition of them all – FIFA 16 has confirmed to include female players in their rooster. In the real world, there are plenty of teams comprised entirely of women, but the world of football is dominated by men. Even young kids know about Rooney and Ronaldo, but no one would have heard about a lady player. The next EA game might change this because every gamer will know a couple of names when it gets launched.

Tactical Defense Strategy

When it comes to aggressive, offensive play style, the games have had a strong hand. But, FIFA 16 is going to focus more on the defense aspects. EA games are exceptionally well done when it comes to NFL and NBA. If you have played them once, you would know that they have achieved near perfection in those games while football lacks a lot of good stuff. Better defensive stances, styles and player actions are promised with the upcoming game. The attack will also be spectacular with some action packed moves.

Better Goalie and Player Animation, Actions

The Goalie is playing an important role in FIFA 16. He won’t aggressively run behind the ball, but will rather see if there are players to guard the post. Only when the goal post is secure, he will go after the ball. Better animation sequences are promised for his moves, especially the ones he uses to butt the ball back into the ground. Similarly, players will also use unique pass moves and dribble to avoid opponents. The goal kick will vary based on their movement, position of foot and many other variables.

These are some of the changes expected with the upcoming EA game while the developers confirm that there will be more to it than the ones shown so far. FIFA 16 gets launched in the third quarter of 2015.

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