Firefox 35.0.1 Now Available for Free Download – Check Out What’s New

There is no doubt that Mozilla is a leading name as far as web browsers are concerned and with its Mozilla Firefox web browser, this company has managed to overcome the toughest of competitions from IE, Google Chrome, and Opera and stay at the top of its game for quite some time now.

One thing that has helped a lot in sustaining Mozilla Firefox at the top is the regular updates they provide for this web browser, which usually include numerous new features to ensure that users of this browser are not lured into trying out other web browsers and eventually dumping Firefox.

Furthermore, there is nothing enjoyable to see your request of how a web browser should conduct itself being honored by the developers of the browser and honestly, this is what you get with Firefox as it provides its updates based on the popular views, comments and demands of users.

The latest version of the Mozilla web browser is Firefox 35.0.1 and with this browser, there comes a lot of new features, fixes as well as improvements from the previous version of this browser.

Mozilla Firefox 35.0 (and before) bugs that required fixes

As it is usual with a new version of a software application, the latest Mozilla Firefox 35.0.1 comes with fixes to old bugs that were discovered in the previous version of Mozilla Firefox. Some of the issues that were discovered and needed fixing included:

  • Crash problems associated with the enhanced steam extension
  • Fixing of a potential start up crash of the browser
  • Issues with authentication of Kerberos
  • Crash problems when on Godaddy webmail
  • A regression issue with CSS/SVG animation that caused rendering problems when on websites like
  • The text selection could possibly be broken when using the RTL Firefox version

In essence, the new version of Firefox 35.0.1 has been equipped with fixes to all of the above listed bugs and issues, in addition to many other minor problems that were evident in previous versions of the web browsing application.

What’s new in Firefox 35.0.1?

The latest version of Firefox 35.0.1 is also equipped with new features for users to enjoy while browsing the web. Here are some of the major ones:

  • Latest version of Mozilla browser comes with a new Firefox Hello feature that offers users a new rooms-based model of conversing.
  • Mozilla Firefox 35.0.1 comes with a new search user interface that has also been enabled for more locales.
  • Users of Firefox 35.0.1 can now access the Firefox Marketplace directly from the Tools menu or the optional toolbar button.
  • The latest Firefox web browser also features an in-built H264 (MP4) support for Mac OS X Snow Leopard v10.6 and later versions via native APIs.
  • You can now access the tiled rendering feature when using the latest version of Firefox on Mac OS X
  • There is better performance as far as image resizing is concerned.

New Firefox 35.0.1 comes with HTML 5

You will no longer come across Flash Player on the latest version of Mozilla Firefox 35.0.1 as it now features HTML 5, which offers pretty much better services than Adobe Flash Player. Here’s what you get with HTML 5:

  • A ‘let’ semantics in JavaScript in order to conform better to the specification of the ES6.
  • The new HTML 5 has been implemented with a resource timing API
  • Using HTML 5 means your CSS filters are enabled by default
  • There is also additional support for Front Loading API of the CSS.

Mozilla Firefox 35.0.1 for developers

Mozilla Firefox is not just meant for common users who use it for browsing. However, developers can also take advantage of some of the newest features in this web browser as they work on different projects, for instance:

  • Mozilla Firefox 35.0.1 comes with support for inspecting before and after all pseudo elements
  • The latest Firefox version also comes with a network monitor where you can easily view the headers of new requests and responses.
  • Developers will also come across extra support for EXT_blent_minmaxWebGL extension
  • The computed view – where nodes that match the hovered selector are clearly highlighted

Other Fixes in Firefox 35.0.1

Other fixes that are provided by the latest version of Mozilla Firefox v35.0.1 include an updated version of PDF.js, a non-HTTPS XHR that features a correct status code, reduced resource usage with respect to scaled images, as well as a number of security fixes.

If you haven’t updated to the latest version of Mozilla Firefox 35.0.1, the time is now. This application can be downloaded for free from the official website of Mozilla.

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