Mozilla Firefox Version 38.0.1 Free Download Released with Fix for Critical Issues

The internet browsers have been fighting a never ending battle against malware, bugs and at the same time, they are obliged to deliver good features to their dedicated users.

Mozilla Firefox is no different as the company has been repeatedly launching one version after the other. Every time, they fix a new set of identified bugs, make plug-ins work better and also launch a new feature or two. The latest version of Firefox which has been rolled out is 38.0.1 and this also comes with at least four different fixes.

Issues Fixed

In the official blog, Mozilla confirmed that they have finally released a fix for an issue where the users with first generation of Nvidia Optimus cards faced a crash every time they started the browser. Whenever the start-up is initiated, the browser or the PC as a whole will go down the hole. Users couldn’t fix the issue at their end and many identified that the problem came up only when they opened Firefox or kept the browser installed on their system. Some of them even removed it so that they could use their Optimus cards without issue; but you no longer have to do that as a fix has been added.

Another prevalent issue was whenever a user tried to import cookies from their Google Chrome browser, the websites didn’t load properly in Firefox. Instead, they either loaded only the text or the images went missing. This stopped some of them from switching between Chrome and Firefox as the cookie transfer feature was not supported. It has been fixed as well. Images that are large as the ones you see in websites like 9gag and imgur didn’t load properly. They also stopped other images from loading on many websites in the browser which is now fixed. The H264 video streaming decoding error should no longer appear in the latest version of the browser.

Firefox Televisions

While the desktop version of the Mozilla Firefox browser has become better with the latest version 38.0.1, the company has been making some steady progress on the side. They have launched a HD television in association with Panasonic that runs on the Firefox OS. The operating system was originally launched for smartphones and tablets, which is now being adopted by televisions. In their official blog, the company confirmed that they have also partnered with other companies including Samsung to launch televisions powered by their own OS.

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