WhatsApp vs WeChat: Is There A Difference Between WhatsApp And WeChat?

Chatting is basically the most common thing that the Smartphone users do. They technically need to keep in touch almost every minute or second. For that matter, top companies have come up with amazing Apps that aid in socializing, and basically chat.

There are thousands of social apps on the market, but two of the top apps are WhatsApp and WeChat. These are two different apps that are owned by different companies. They also have different features and functionalities. One major similarity between the two apps is that they are all free to download. They can also be found on the Android’s, Google Play Store, and on Apple’s App Store.

Here is a comparison of the two apps:


With WhatsApp, it is free to download and use, but it is only free for the first one year of use. It will need you to pay about a dollar for the subscription of one year. On the other hand, WeChat lets you enjoy free chatting throughout after downloading it.

Loading Contacts

WhatsApp will display the favorite, or most recently used contacts, and all the other contacts, who have WhatsApp on their phones, will be loaded automatically in a different window. Conversely, WeChat will let you decide who you want on your contact list. Here, a person will send you an invite to add you on their contact list, which also gives you the option of rejecting. For that, you will enjoy more privacy with WeChat. Though WhatsApp allows you to block unwanted contacts, which is also an advantage.


Though both phones have easy-to-use interfaces, WeChat has more features. Some of the features on WeChat include the following;

  • Games. You can play games with your friends, as you chat with them.
  • Video And Voice Calls. WeChat also lets you make free calls and videos, a feature that is not on WhatsApp.
  • Find People. You will also be able to find people who are around you, who are on WeChat.

WhatsApp has tried to match the free calls by having the voice notes. You can record voice notes and send to your contacts, who can then replay in the same way. However, it is reported that WhatsApp will soon have free voice calls.

Status Update

WhatsApp lets you update your status as frequently as you wish. However, this option is only restricted to 255 characters, so you would want to have shorter status updates. WhatsApp will also show if you are available or not, and with the WhatsApp Plus, you can hide your online status. WeChat wouldn’t let you know if your contacts are online or not.

Service Delivery

One great drawback of WeChat is that it crashes from time to time. This will happen, especially when you need to make the video or voice calls. Also, the messages might be delayed on WeChat, but with WhatsApp, it is instant. And you will know if your contact has received your message, and if they have read it.


WeChat might have too many features, which are amazing, and might be handy. In addition, it is free to use for a lifetime. However, when it comes to service, WhatsApp is the way to go, because it is simpler to use, and more reliable.

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