5 Reasons That Will Make the LG G4 Bestseller

The LG G4 is finally available on the global market, and the phone certainly has the potential to be one of the best phones not just in 2015, but overall in the next few years.

Many things indicate LG has a bestseller up its sleeve, but let’s look at some of the unique things that make the LG G4 a special phone.

The Leather

While the rest of the market is focused on glass and metal design, LG has opted for another route. The Korean company has placed leather on the back of the phone. And while leather has been part of the design of phones since the Moto X, the G4 has stitches, better quality leather and execution. The leather back of the G4 is available in five different colors, giving you plenty of options to fit your style.

Creative Design

Another thing of the design that makes the G4 a unique phone is the creative placement of the buttons. Even though the G4 is a 5.5 inch device, thanks to the creative design, it is very functional and easy to operate with one hand. LG has placed several shortcut buttons on the back of the phone, near the camera lens and very easy to reach with the hand. With the shortcut buttons, you can adjust the volume, take photos and turn the device on and much more, all while your thumb is free for on screen action.

Incredible Camera Features

The G4 has one of the best cameras on the market, with a 16-MP sensor on the back accompanied by the signature laser auto focus of LG and optical image stabilization. However, what makes the camera special, are the features. One of the best among them is Quick Shot, a feature that allows users to snap a picture with double press on the volume down button. With this feature, taking a picture takes less than a second.

Snapdragon 808

All other manufacturers opted for an octa core chipset for their flagships, but LG decided to go with a different route. The six core Snapdragon 808 chipset might not deliver the quickest performances, but it is far more efficient, and it doesn’t heat up as much as the Snapdragon 810 or the Exynos 7420 chipset in the Galaxy S6.

Removable Battery

Many manufacturers have decided to ditch the removable back of the phone which practically eliminates the option for a removable battery. The LG G4 still has an option for a removable battery thanks to its design. And while many will point that quick charging helps, a removable battery means that you can have a spare one with you, carry it anywhere, and change it anytime.

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