GTA 5 Update – GTA Online gets an All-New Adversary Mode and Daily Objectives

Rockstar is going to add some stuff to GTA 5 and from what they have revealed in their official Newswire blog, things are going to get really interesting.

Along with the online heists scheduled for GTA Online on March 10th, an all-new adversary mode will debut.

The game already has a lot of places to explore, missions to accomplish and a packed online world where multiplayer missions are plenty. If you think that’s more than you could handle, it’s absolutely wrong, because what’s about to come is even more interesting. In the Adversary mode, the game developers have three different missions, which can be won only when you work closely with your team and accomplish objectives in style.

Adversary Mode

GTA 5 just can’t get any better on the console platforms and PC players may have to wait a little more to enjoy them all. In Adversary mode, you will get three different competitive challenges and all matches are between players. These games will unlock, as one progresses through the heist missions.

Come Out to Play – One of the modes is where a team of three runners will be in haste, trying to reach their safe house and there will hunters, three in number to hunt them down. Those who run have the very good firepower with amazing guns, but they have to move on foot. Those who hunt can make use of motorbikes, ATVs and other vehicles but will primarily have only shotguns.

Location Defense – Siege Mentality – The concept is very similar to action movies where a team has only four players and they are outnumbered, but have enough weapons. Another team of six will try to surround their location and it’s all about defending their base. The bigger team will have unlimited lives but only shotguns while the survivors have one life but a lot of powerful weapons at their disposal.

Hasta La Vista – Reminds you of terminator, right? That’s how it is going to be in the adversary mode in GTA 5. One team will be in trucks and another will be a group of cyclists being hunted down. There are no weapons here and they have to crush them under the heavy wheels. But, cyclists use the small corners to reach the checkpoint. Just one of them has to reach the end line and their entire team wins but if truckers crush them all, it’s game over. It’s going to be one hell of a ride.

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