Clash of Clans Free Download – Some of the Best Kept Secrets of the Game

Here are some of the best-kept secrets and tips of Clash of Clans, which can help you, derive an edge over the competition.

Taking Revenge

You will often find yourself attacked when you are away or when the shield is down. If someone does this, you can opt for Revenge and attack them in return, as it offers a good strategic benefit. You will be able to view their village before the attack and this helps in planning the attack and training your units for specific assaults. For instance, you can check out the storage and check their levels and see the Town Hall location. However, if they are shielded, you can look again later.

Protecting your Elixir

Your barracks can be used for the training of troops and a lot more. You can train troops even when you are not online, in which case you spend the elixir for training them, but you can also cancel the training, without any penalty. Queue up all the barracks until they are full, so that the Elixir that is spent will be safely stowed away and cannot be taken by attackers. After returning to the village, you just cancel the troops that you have queued and get back the Elixir that you banked. This method will help you protect thousands of elixir.

1250 Trophies

It is easy to get 450 gems by reaching three stars and achieving Sweet Victory. You can start even from a low level of 6 for your Town Hall and look out for a village that has a town hall outside the walls. By taking this out, you can get a star along with trophies. Many players leave their town hall in the cold and they can be the perfect target for getting your cups.


The Town Hall level plays a crucial role while raiding and stealing resources. In case the opponent has a town hall level that is one above or one below your own, you will receive a hundred percent modifier on your booty, whereas the modifier rises to 125% in case he is two levels more and 150% if he is 3 levels more. From this, it seems that TH level 7 is a good level for farming. It might be tough to bring down the TH 9 level opponents, but at least your resources will remain safe from other tough opponents.

Lightning Spells

Rage and Jump are pretty impressive spells and offer plenty of strategic benefits. However, they are expensive and you need a long time to access them. If you have forgotten the Lightning spell, it is time to go back to it. You can use a 4+ Lightning spell for wiping out a 4 or a 5 level mortal. With the help of 2 spells, you can take out two mortars or even a wizard tower.

Ditching Trophies

At some point of the game, you might want to ditch your trophies. This is because the competition starts getting too close; so you can drop your trophies deliberately. However, this costs you troops and the training time, as well as elixir. However, if you possess the hero, you can drop trophies for free. This is done by starting a match and then dropping the hero and finally ending the battle before any damage is taken. Of course, you will lose trophies, but he hero is ready for the action again and you lose nothing.

Resting your Hero

Regeneration of the hero takes some time, and this could be frustrating when you are in the middle of a raid. This can be fixed using the controls for changing the Guard mode or the Sleep mode for the hero. When you use the Guard mode, the hero will protect the village in your absence. When you toggle it to the Sleep mode, he will sleep and get fully charged and ready for the next raid.

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