Minecraft Xbox One Gets a Surprise Update with Simpsons Skin Pack

No one was prepared and when the players were least expecting it, 4J studios, the developers of the Minecraft Xbox One edition of the game, rolled out a really small update just a day ago.

The funny thing was people were scrambling to know what exactly they changed but it wasn’t an easy find. But most players who guessed it directly headed to find the new Simpsons skin update readily available. The development team confirms that it has been made available for players all over the globe but it looks like the rollout is taking place in different phases. Some of them in the Twitter channel have posted that they haven’t received any update so far but it should be a really short wait.

No Patch Note

The size of the update that Minecraft Xbox One edition got was really small. So, even if the people at 4J studios managed to add something to it, it should be really small besides the Simpsons DLC. They have refrained from releasing a patch note which is surprising. Players are a bit annoyed with this approach as they have taken to their Twitter channel to complaint and ask them to come up with a detailed explanation of the things that has been rolled out so far.

If you couldn’t confirm the things that have been added to the game, you can head to the 4J studios Twitter account where players have been posting several patch notes of their own. Some of them have even redirected people to a Youtube link where critics are detailing the new stuff found in the update. The company didn’t discuss in detail about this patch but we are sure it doesn’t carry too much of fixes as the file size is small.

Simpsons Add-on Skin

Microsoft purchased Mojang but that’s when the exclusivity war started. They have rolled out multiple stuff to the game, especially exclusive skin packs. Minecraft Xbox One edition now has Star Wars as well as the Simpsons pack which got released much earlier than the proposed date. Not everything is exclusive to the platform but these early rollouts has annoyed some players as it looks like 4J studios is now supporting the Xbox platforms more than they did for the Playstation consoles.

Now, the next wait for title update 22 starts because after fixing all the bugs related to horses and red stones, it’s time the team shows off some new features.

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