How To Attach Files In Gmail

It is now relatively common for people to want to send files of a varying nature via their email. However, it is not just a case of dropping them into the body of the message and thinking that this is enough as there are specific steps that need to be taken in order to have this file sent successfully at the first time of asking. There are also limitations that you need to be aware of, so how exactly do you go ahead and send these files via Gmail?

Attaching Them Is Easy.

First, you need to compose a message, so go ahead and click on that option and then enter the email address of the person that you wish to send the file to. You may as well also type the message that you want to send and remember to enter the subject so that the individual can get an idea of what they are about to open.

This part is easy enough and so is the actual attaching of the file. What you need to do is to know where the file is saved on your computer and then you will see a paper clip on the compose an email screen and it is located near the send button at the bottom of the message. Click on this and you will see that the file manager for your computer will pop open automatically. You then need to navigate to wherever the file has been saved and click on it before then hitting open.

At this point, you will see a progress bar appear on the compose an email screen along with the file name. This will show you how much of the file has still to be attached and this will then vanish once it has finished doing so. Your file will then be part of the email and the only thing left to do is to hit the send button.

File Limitations.

There is a limit in file size when you use Gmail and at the time of writing this limit in a plain email is 25MB, which is nothing. However, you can use Google Drive in order to send files up to 10GB in size and this option will pop up on the compose an email screen both before you attach anything as well as when it then discovers that the file is too big to send via email.

Using Google Drive is also easy as the other person will then have the option of viewing the file at their end, but of course this is all made so much easier if the person at the other end also has a Gmail account.

So, to attach and send a file via Gmail:

  • Compose an email and click on the paper clip at the bottom.
  • Navigate to wherever the file is saved on your computer and click open.
  • Wait for the progress bar to finish and the file will be attached.
  • If it is bigger than 25MB, then use Google Drive for files up to 10GB in size.

Attaching files and sending them in Gmail is very easy to do and you should have absolutely no problem whatsoever even if you have never done this before in your life. It takes next to no time, although this depends on the size of the file, and it will be sent to whoever you want. Life really could not be any easier.

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