Creating Applications for iOS, Android or Windows Phone

If you’re one of the users who install any cool application they find on the internet, without caring how these applications were created. Others want to test their coding skills and make applications for Android or iOS or Windows Phone. If you learned HTML and CSS, you can’t use your skills because the browser-based Web environment was replaced by the mobile app-centric world, where important stores like Google Play, iOS App Store or Windows Phone App store are hosting all kinds of applications. So, if you want your application to be downloaded from one of these three stores, learn the programming language and create something unique.


This is largest ecosystem and the place where you can find all applications is the Google Play, where you will have to sign up for a Developer account. However, you’ll be charged 25 dollars, which is a one-time fee, but you will be allowed to publish as many apps as you want and they will be available in a few hours. To get an overview, you’ll be given a step-by-step training guide. Android Studio is the best integrated development environment and can be installed on Windows, Mac or Linux devices. With Android Studio you’ll develop, test and get rich – not over night, as these applications can put some cash in your pocket after publishing them using the Google Play Developer Console.


You can make easy cash in this ecosystem because there are many users willing to spend money on interesting applications. Before deciding to create applications for IOS, you should know that Cupertino has some strict rules. As a new member, you will pay 99 dollars/year to be a part of the iOS Developer Program, which has three levels for enterprise and education. You will need a third-party development tool such as XCode from the Mac app store. Even if you don’t have programming knowledge, you will learn the Objective-C language by reading the tutorial you’ll find on Another easier programming language is Swift which can be used alongside Objective-C. If you don’t know how to use XCode, Apple provides you a basic tutorial. After creating and submitting an app, Apple will review it and then include it in the App Store. However, there cases when the applications are rejected and the developers must appeal to the App Review Board, but if the Apple doesn’t consider the application noteworthy, they won’t accept it.

Windows Phone

This small mobile OS environment has its fans and many dare to join the list of app developers. They are charged 19 dollars, which is a one-time fee, to open a Windows Developer Account, and to create applications, they need Microsoft Visual Studio. The applications for Windows Phone are written in languages such as C# or C++ with XAML, C++ with DirectX and JavaScript with HTML/CSS. After creating an app, you can test it on your phone but you have to resister it as a test device. If the test goes well, you can publish the app to the Windows Phone store. With Windows App Studio, anyone can create a cross-platform Windows app even if the person doesn’t know a programming language.

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