Temple Run 2 vs. Subway Surfers – Third Person Running Game Offering High Addictiveness

Both these games are quite identical and involve running endlessly, while collecting coins and gems and performing challenging tasks, completing objectives and so on.

The games are exciting and addictive and come with some interesting updates. With every level, the pace and rapidity also increase, making it more difficult and challenging, to complete the levels. Both the games are also free ones, but they also contain a lot of items that are locked and can be freed using real currency. However, you can also complete the various levels, without using real money, if you use the right strategy for completing tasks. You can download these games on the iOS as well as the Android devices and also on Kindle Fire.


The player has to run fast and collect the coins as he keeps running, in order to get a good score. As they run, players also involve themselves in different power interactions that are capable of boosting the game. In case of Temple Run 2 created by Imangi Studios, the player has to run past the obstacles while being pursued by a demonic monkey. He has stolen an idol from an ancient temple and has to get away with it. In case of Subway Surfers, you play the role of Jake, a graffiti artist, who draws the graffiti on the subway trains. The inspector and his dog are constantly chasing him, with the dog spotting him while he is working and the endless run begins.


When comparing the difficulty of gameplay, it is seen that the controls are very similar. However, Temple Run 2 is a little more difficult, as there are additional movements for slipping, rolling jumping up or under, dodging obstacles and so on. This becomes more and more difficult in the later stages and the player has to make quick responses to stay alive and escape the obstacles. You have to move the device right and left in case of Temple Run 2 and this can be very difficult while trying to protect yourself from getting smashed in between the edges of the pathway, whereas you only need your finger for Subway Surfers.

Comparing Visuals

The visuals of Temple Run 2 are very natural and bring in a kind of Indiana Jones environment. It adds to the adventure element of the game, as the game is based in the ruins of South America. A monstrous monkey chases the player and the visuals add to the scary plot. On the other hand, the visuals of Subway Surfers are ordinary settings of a city anywhere in the world. It is also rather fun and cartoonish, as the game is a light hearted one of a graffiti artist being chased by an Inspector and his dog. There are many backdrops to the game and it is set in many interesting cities all over the world.

Improving Scores

Subway Surfers offers different types of power ups and you can use these to improve your scores. The power ups assist the player and protect him by keeping the Inspector and his dog far away. They also help you to run for a longer time and help you get more coins, gifts and so on as you run. However, you must use the hoverboards carefully and complete the daily missions regularly in order to increase the multiplier. You must also attempt to get more number of keys and complete challenges in order to stay ahead in the game.

As for Temple Run 2, the game comes with various power ups that allow you to get an extra edge and obtain a high score. There are boosts, shields and coin bonuses that can protect you from an obstacle. You can also get a Gem bonus and the coin magnet, which is capable of drawing all the coins towards you, though you need to be at a particular level in order to access it.

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