Viber Fixes Encryption Troubles to Offer Greater Security to Users


While Viber is a pretty popular choice among people when it comes to instant messaging and sharing pictures, it has always been in the news for the lack of right security standards.

No one wants to use an app that has a dent in its security channel. In such cases, it becomes important to find out the ideal ways by which the security trouble can be fixed.

What Was the Security Trouble with Viber?

If you are not aware of the main complications that Viber had, here are the details you need to be familiar with.

Viber didn’t encrypt the files. The images and videos that you shared with your friends over Viber were sent just like that and there was no encryption whatsoever. This is a security loophole as it gives hackers access to break into the system and steal the data. This can lead to huge potential problems because no one wants their images and media files to be intercepted on the way.

What Has Viber Done to Prevent the Same?

In order to prevent these problems and to take care of the security vulnerability, Viber has been trying its best to come up with the finest tips and strategies.

In the new update that was released, Viber announced that photo messages, videos, and even location messages would now be encrypted before sending. Previously, only the text messages were encrypted, but because of the vulnerabilities that were detected, Viber has decided to use encryption for all these messages as well.

The update has only been rolled for Android phones. However, the company was quick to point that they have made the changes for the iOS version too and will be launching an update very quickly. They also stated that despite the fact that the media files were not encrypted, not even a single user has suffered because of that and there were no attacks. Yet, they are willing to walk the extra mile and this is the reason they launched this update.

Is It Safe to Use Viber Now?

Yes, with this new android update, Viber seems to be all set to steal the sage. You can check out the details in the change log. If you were skeptical of sending your images on the Viber platform, you can now do it easily.

In today’s times, with the increasing rate of cyber crime, it is extremely important to be sure that you are enforcing the right set of rules and have your security standards up to the mark. If an app has security loopholes and vulnerabilities, it is going to create a wrong impression and this can curb the popularity that the app enjoys.

Viber did the smart thing by choosing to update the app and fix these security issues. Now that the security troubles are no longer a question, the app is likely to prosper as people will not have to think twice before sharing files with their friends. No doubt, even the iPhone users are waiting for the new update to be launched shortly.

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