iPhone 7 Release Date Delayed Because Of An Apple Watch Release

The upcoming iPhone 7 that will be released in 2015 will most likely get a delay on its release date as Apple is working on releasing the first Apple smartwatch.

This latest news comes from Asia, where Apple is assembling their iOS devices and the upcoming Apple Watch too. According to G4Games, the iPhone 7 will most likely not arrive in spring 2015.

Apple Watch

While the iPhone 7 will receive a slight release delay, the Apple Watch will most likely be released sooner than expected, as Quanta (the supply partner) has solved the yield issues they had.

The volume production for the upcoming Apple smartwatch will start sometime in January 2015 or even a month earlier and it will be paired with the iPhone and powered by a unique iOS version. Quanta also started hiring people and it is rumored that by the beginning of 2015 they will have 10.000 workers that will take care of the Apple Watch assembly. By the end of 2015, Quanta is expected to ship around 24 million Watch units, in different models. Around 5 million of Watch units will most likely be shipped right before the device will be released.

Apple Watch will most likely hit the stores earlier than expected as Apple and Quanta secured supplies for the device components, such as processor, display and watch framing.

iPhone 7 delayed

Because of Apple’s smartwatch, iPhone 7 might receive a release delay. The iPhone 7 was expected to arrive sometime in September 2015 but because of the upcoming smartwatch, the device will most likely be released sometime in October 2015 or later.

It seems that iPhone 7 will be powered by an A9 application processor, which means that Apple will have to place orders from TSMC or Samsung, as these companies will provide to Apple the chip requirements for the iPads and iPhones that will be released in 2015.

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