Google Play Store vs iTunes App Store vs Amazon Store – Which is Better To Download?

Owning a smartphone nowadays is a common thing. However, the developers have started to notice this major boost and have drifted from software buildups to app  buildups. This is not something unusual, since there are plenty of people who install apps and updated software on their mobile devices.

All of these apps can be easily set-up on one’s phone and even tablet. There are some other ways to set-up these apps on one’s phone, but the majority of users choose to download all kinds of games and applications directly from the app stores. We will take the most popular app stores and analyze them to see which is better:

  • Google Play Store – this is the most popular option among users and a store that contains apps for those operating on Android. Developers can simply add their apps to the list and the users can browse through the multiple choices available on the Google Play Store. Not interested in apps or music, well then you can download books and even movies. A lot of apps are free on the Google Play Store as well. In the past, it was called Android Market and it recently got its new name.
  • iTunes App Store – this is designed for iOS users and it’s very different from the previous store. Developers find it difficult to finish their listing on this store and users complain about its tricky downloading process. Not to mention the fact that you have to pay for the downloaded applications. So this gets a minus!
  • Amazon App Store – this is one store that will link your Amazon account info and you debit card data. Some believe this is a better choice than Google Play Store, however it falls behind in terms of security. The apps that users wish to download from this store are a bit pricier than at the above mentioned stores.

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