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Minecraft is a video game that was created a by a Swedish programmer by the name of Markus “notch” Persson. The game was officially created and developed by the Swedish company Mojang. Minecraft was released for the personal computer in the year of 2009. It has since then grown into a widely known game and has expanded to Mobile devices and gaming consoles. Minecraft is available in the Xbox 360, Xbox One, Ps3 and the Ps4. However, because of issues with Sony, the new title update has not been added to the PlayStation consoles. They are hoping to work things out and get it included.

Minecraft is not like most games it has no mission or set goals for the player to accomplish. It is an open sources game. A sandbox game is a game that requires the player to create it themselves. The game becomes whatever you make it into. Wherever you imagination will carry you. The whole point of the game is to build with various types of block, engage in combat against monsters, and maintain your health.

What does the Minecraft Title Update 19 include?

Since the trailer was released, Minecraft players have been excitedly awaiting the arrival of this new title update. And as of December 18th, they have gotten everything that they were wishing for. Title update 19 did not disappoint in its promises that were conveyed in the trailer. This fun new title update comes equipped with many new features and options for the game. Below are some of the new things the Minecraft players are raving about.

Instead of the old tutorial world there is a brand new world that has some new mini tutorials that work with the other new features.There are some new sounds that have been added to the game. And now there are horses, donkeys and mules.

Another new feature is that mobs items and projectiles can pass through portals.If you stay in an area for a longer amount of time the monsters that spawn in that area will be harder to defeat. Zombies and skeletons are able to spawn with different weapons and armor. Instead of growing everything to full size, Bonemeal grows in random stages.

If you want extra absorption health for short amount of time, this can be done by eating a golden apple.There has also been a language selector added and Greek is now a language option.If you go to the crafting table you now have access to fireworks you can craft a firework star or even a firework rocket.In Adventure mode you can only break blocks with the correct type of tools.There is no direction that dispensers cannot face in.With this new update also comes new potion effects an enchantment effect.

Needless to say, this new title update for Minecraft is pretty packed with great features that the players are bound to enjoy. Things like this are the reason Minecraft has gained all of the success that it has in the first place.

Bring it on.

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