Downloading and Installing WeChat on a Samsung Device

WeChat, a free voice and text messaging service, is popular around the world today. This particular communication platform is available on most mobile operating systems and even features a Web client. Since millions of people own a Samsung smartphone or tablet, such users often want to download the app onto their devices. Tackling this process isn’t too difficult because WeChat is available on all smartphones and most Samsung tablets. With that in mind, here’s a quick guide to taking care of this process.

Step One: Find WeChat In The Google Play Store

All but a couple of Samsung smartphones and tablets run the Android operating system now. Therefore, each device owner will find this app in the Google Play Store. An individual can follow the appropriate link from WeChat’s website or search for it in Google Play. The main page for the app lists all of its details and user reviews. Obviously, a user can download the app on this same page. For a given user, it shouldn’t take more than 30 seconds to find the app here.

Step Two: Download WeChat For Android OS

On the main app page, users will need to hit the Install button. The installation process takes 30 seconds to a couple of minutes, depending upon a person’s data or Internet connection speed. Each person needs to ensure they’re downloading the most current version of WeChat. By downloading an outdated version, users will find that they’re missing features and potentially exposing themselves to security vulnerabilities that have since been fixed. Each device (smartphone or tablet) will then install the app onto its internal memory.

Step Three: Open WeChat and Sign Up For An Account

WeChat accounts either connect to an individual’s Facebook account or their phone number. For Samsung smartphone users, the account should be tied to the device’s phone number. However, tablet users might find it necessary to connect to Facebook instead because tablets often lack SIM cards with 3G/4G data services. Both options will take a few seconds before the accounts are set up and ready to go. There’s no difference between using the account connected to a phone number or to Facebook.

What To Do With WeChat

WeChat comes with a variety of features, including messaging and video calling. Users can create group chats and utilize the Moments feature. As an added feature, the app even includes a Smiley Gallery and a variety of other features. Everything comes to users free of charge, and users only need a data plan or Internet connection in order to use WeChat. A given user can then utilize all of these services without spending a dime, and some can even cut their overall smartphone or tablet service bills.

Get Started With WeChat Today

Installing WeChat on a Samsung smartphone or tablet doesn’t require too many steps. An individual can start and finish this process within five minutes and have their account running by then, too. Currently, over 500 million users have downloaded WeChat, and the majority of them are active users each month. Users can stay in contact with each other and take advantage of countless features to make conversations more fun and engaging.

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