Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Release Date Expected This July; Better Specs and Lower Pricing

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is definitely coming without a doubt and latest rumors add that the launch date is really close.

According to multiple sources, the tablet computer will be out to consumers by the month of July.

The company has been enjoying some great sales even with their last launch, Surface Pro 3 but the time has come to launch a new tablet that would grab the attention of the buyers. Besides, the launch of the next Windows 10 operating system is really close by. Microsoft has confirmed that it will be out by this summer which is expected to sync with the launch of their tablet device as well.

Making it Affordable

In other news, it has also been confirmed that the company is planning to provide an affordable price tag for the device. Most consumers these days are really fond of cheap Asus, Xiaomi devices which has made Microsoft think twice. The specialists in the company have realized that pricing plays an important role in ensuring greater sales of the product.

They will not only make the tablet more affordable but will also increase the hardware specs. The device will be using an i7 processor combined with a 2K resolution screen. Surface Pro 4 will sport an amazing resolution of 2160 x 1440 pixels which will allow users to get more things done on the go. Apple iPad has already been upgraded to higher resolution screens which Microsoft lacks for a long time. It might most probably be solved with this latest launch.

And, obviously the upcoming tablet will run Windows 10 operating system. The OS supports voice controls with Cortana and the Spartan browser allows users to mark stuff on a web page which can directly be sent to a user. The touch screen device in the upcoming Surface Pro will make it seamless especially with the bundled stylus.

Increased Storage Space

Most users were not happy with the fact that the previously launched device had lesser storage space. Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 is a full-fledged computer which runs Windows 10 and obviously people expect it to have at least 1 TB of storage space. It may not bump it up that much but will have 250 GB and 500 GB variants combined with 16 GB of RAM to keep processes at a zippy pace. It will also support LTE connectivity as well as live Xbox One game streaming.

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