iPhone 6 Experienced With Top Gorgeous Applications

iPhone 6 is already in stores and if you wanted to buy this new device from Apple, now it’s your chance to spend your savings on it. Here are a few applications that you will most likely want on your iPhone 6.


One of the popular Android applications is Swype. This application allows you to retool the keyboard of your phone. You will be able to “drag” your finger from one letter to another, which will make the writing a lot faster than usual. This application can be installed on iOS also, so you will surely want it on your iPhone 6.


Snapseed is a great photo editing application, which will help you to obtain the best photos made with your iPhone 6’s camera. It has some features that Instagram also has, such as framers and filters, but at the same time it gives you a lot of editing options and it’s quite easy to use.


Kindle is a book reading application and if you are someone who reads a lot of books, you will find this application very useful. The application allows you to copy and paste texts from books, and this will help the students very much.


If you are a person who travels a lot, Hipmunk is a great application that will help you decide about the flights you need to take, or which hotel you should pick to check in.


We all had problems when we forgot one password and we were not able to log into an account. With iPassword, things get easier for you and harder for hackers. iPassword generates automatically passwords for each of your important accounts, allowing you to access them with the Apple TouchID fingerprint feature. This way, you will no longer choose simple passwords that hackers can guess and in the same time you will not have to memorize passwords.


iMovie gives you the ability to edit large video files, giving you the “power” to insert some great effects, soundtracks or animated titles. This is a great application if you like to edit video files, without worrying about the video size and length.


If you own an Apple device, you surely have iTunes installed on it. Apple also said that iTunes comes with new capabilities on the new iOS 8 and comes with an outstanding music playing package.

Yahoo Weather

This application was updated to be compatible with iOS 8 also and the users said that it looks great on the large screen of the iPhone 6. If you want to know if tomorrow will rain or not, or if it will be warm or quite cold, Yahoo Weather is the application you’ll want to be installed on your iPhone 6.


This is a professional application which comes with great features that lets you tweak contrast, highlights, shadows and temperature.

Day One

If you ever wanted a diary application, then you will surely enjoy Day One. You will be able to save pictures, tag them with keywords and even write something. In case you don’t write anything in a day, the app will remind you and ask you to write something. A location and the weather can also be inserted in your post. So, if you ever wanted to write a journal, you can do it now with Day One on your iPhone 6.

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