FarmVille 2: Country Escape – Deal with Eddie farm on the Green Ranch

Who would not like to build a green farm with all the facilities and feed the people out there?

Gives you a heroic shrill, doesn’t it? That’s what the FarmVille game aims to do. You build your own farms, reap your own harvest, build your own farmhouse, employ and feed the countryside people and get that ‘owner’s fame’. In this series of FarmVille 2, you will have to deal with the Eagle Eye Eddie, who by far is cunning and makes it a hard task for you to unlock precious animals for farming; demands outrageously for daily needs and not so easily gives away the farming stamps. There’s nothing to feel erratic and horrendous now, while handy tips, cheats and tricks are there to help you calm down Eddie and get your job done!

Eddie Gives the Clues

This Eagle Eye Eddie is of course ‘that character’ you’ll have to deal with. But he’s in one way, sweet too. He wants you to meet his daily demands by selling something or getting him money and he himself will point you into selling such things which are readily available in the FarmVille 2 Country Escape Market. This market will be made available to you every 5 minutes, thus letting you buy stuff you want to sell. Almost all the time, it’s going to be about selling goat milk, blackberries, peaches, potatoes and cheese.

Now while you have to buy these from the market, you’ll have to spend your available coins or pay out; but don’t worry, Eddie always pays you 15% more on each product, so that you can pocket the profit!!

Secretly Stock Up

Now, this is a cheat you can follow. When Eddie is away, just tap on his hangar to check what he needs next. This will give you an idea of what he wants you to sell or buy the next time. You can use the time to stock up those things secretly before he asks, so that you can give it away promptly, while he asks for it. The happy Eddie will come handy while you want to unlock some of the precious animals at the time of need.

Keep an Eye, Watch Out

Now, when you are collecting stuff that Eddie wants, also keep an eye on rare stuff that you come across. This could be a mint leaf, copper, chocolate cookies, etc. Because, Eddie is going to ask you this stuff at some point of time, while you want to get those precious stamps for your own-built farm.

It’s Okay to Say No

Understood and agreed that Eddie is your master and you’ll have to meet his demands regularly to build your farm with not much struggle. But there will be times when you find crazy whims from Eddie and you’ll have to learn to say no to them. He might ask you for 2 pairs of goodies, which are limited in stock or many things together which you cannot find and so on; go ahead and say ‘better luck next time Eddie’ and simply skip this. Of course, this will rage him up, but when you provide him with the other needed things, he’s going to get you building that farm you wanted to!

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