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Facebook Messenger is not a new app to many Facebook users.

Even though this application does not enjoy similar popularity as its mother application, the rate at which people are signing up for Messenger is amazing.

At the moment, there are over 600 million people connecting to each other using this Facebook Messenger app. The app itself was introduced about three years ago and as it seems, Facebook expects the user base to emulate that of the web client. Facebook was clever when it introduced this messaging platform, eliminating the chat service from the Facebook mobile app and restricting it to the Messenger app. In this way, users had limited choices when it comes to chatting with friends on the go. They had either to directly log in to the web client from the phone browser or download Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger for sharing photos, videos and other media

Facebook Messenger lets the users exchange quite a number of media files that include photos, voice notes and videos. Furthermore, the users of Messenger can still keep in touch with each other using texts as well as live voice and video chats. The good thing is that all these services are available for free; all you need is a suitable internet connection.

There are many other chat apps available for free downloading, however, Facebook Messenger has an edge over most of these apps. There is no doubt that you have more than two or three friends on Facebook. This is the only requirement for chatting on Messenger, apart from downloading and installing the app on your phone. In chatting, Messenger comes with a collection of stickers that can be used to add zest to your conversations and perhaps communicate better than words would have done.

Facebook Messenger available for Android 4.1 and above

The latest version of Facebook Messenger is v28.0.0.44. This version is available for download from the official Google Play Store. However, only those using at least the Android 4.1 on their devices will be able to enjoy the latest features of this Messenger app. It is expected that Facebook will be including the older Android devices in this update in the near future.

Free calls and messages everywhere

Once you have downloaded and installed Facebook Messenger on your phone, you can start connecting with anyone as long as he or she is on Messenger. The good thing with this app is that you will still be able to exchange messages with those not using the app via their inbox.

As noted earlier, Messenger allows the users to make free voice and video calls to any other person using the app. While sending messages to those on the web client is possible, making free voice and video calls is not possible unless the person downloads and installs the latest version of Facebook Messenger.

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