iCloud Auto Backup Fix In iOS 8 On iPhones And iPads

The iOS users can back up their data with iCloud, Apple’s cloud storage service that performs automatic and manual back ups on iPhones and iPads. But, this service isn’t flawless and some iOS 8 users complained that iCloud auto backup doesn’t work sometimes and they wanted to know if there are solutions for this problem.

In some cases, iCloud auto backup on iPhones and iPads running on iOS 8 doesn’t work and the users tried all the possible solutions to fix the problem. Obviously, they didn’t look everywhere, because there are a few things they can do to resolve the backup problem.

To perform a backup, your phone or tablet must be connected to the internet and you’d better have a wireless router nearby and connect to the network. The signal must be strong, so that your backup process won’t be interrupted. If you have problems with the WiFi connection, reset Network Settings by going to Settings>General> scrolling down and tapping on Reset>Reset Network Settings, then tap on Confirm from the popup.

The phone/tablet must have its battery fully charged or you must have it connected with a power source when performing the backup. Also, the screen of your device must be locked. You should know that you can upload 5GB of data in the iCloud and when you reach the limit, you receive this message: “Not Enough Storage” and you will need to free up some space and perform the backup again. If you don’t want to delete your files (photos, videos, music or apps), you can purchase more cloud storage. Sometimes, when you have problems with your iCloud account, simply sign out and sign in immediately.

To delete old backups and to free up some space on your iCloud account, and on your iPhone device as well, launch the Settings app on your device, then scroll down until you find iCloud. Tap on it, then on Storage>Manage storage and under Backups, tap on This iPhone>Delete Backup. When you will be asked “Do you want to turn off backup and delete all backup data for this iPhone from iCloud?”, you will tap on “Turn Off & Delete” to confirm.

To disable applications from Automatic Backup in order to free up space on iCloud, launch Settings, tap on iCloud after scrolling down, then turn off applications such as Notes, Messages, Photos etc.

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