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Colocation is becoming a more used site for those small businesses that want their own website with a small IT team but with little costs. A company can purchase their own web server or servers if they need too, and place them in web host’s rack. This helps the company save storage space. The bandwidth that is used is included in web hosting package, so you do not have to worry much about that. The web host will also supply with an IP address and power to the server.

One of the biggest advantages here is that web hosts provide so much to the server, and to the person or company owning it. Drawing web host’s bandwidth is much easier and cheaper from buying bandwidth each time or borrowing from the web host.

One of the important features that should not be overlooked when looking for a Colocation host is the amount of power supplied by the web host. This is for a couple of reasons. The first is that the web servers require a lot of power in order to stay up for twenty-four hours. For a business owner to store the server themselves will make the price very costly but with this Colocation hosting it is much cheaper. Power supply is a big feature when it comes to things as power outages or blackouts. If power went out, your website would be shut down and if your website is an e-commerce type of website this means that you could lose a lot of money. So it is better to invest in Colocation web hosting.

Since this service is generally more expensive than typical web hosting, mostly business companies use it to host their sites. However for those that have it in the means of their budget are recommended that they provide themselves with this service as it is efficient.

Colocation Explained

Every business needs a website, no matter how small or large it is. A website can help a company to get its message across the world, or simply add weight to its reputation. However, the websites would be as good as nothing if it wasn’t up and running without problems.

Choosing a company that provides website hosting services may be among the toughest decisions a firm may face. Reputable companies who offer webhosting services may come with a significant price tag attached to them, and new or lesser known webhosting providers may not be reliable or dependable enough. This is where colocation comes in, especially for large businesses and firms.

Colocation has several advantages. These include:

1) No space to keep a server? No problem. Colocation gives you an advantage of saving out on storage space, since the firm or business simply purchases a web-hosting server and installs them in a web-hosts rack. This way the firm does not have to take out room to store their servers.
2) Bandwidth consumption: Another advantage that a firm or business will have is that they don’t have to worry about bandwidth, since it comes as a part of the webhosting package. The webhosting company will also provide a dedicated IP address.
3) Power consumption: Servers are powerful machines that need to stay on 24 hours a day. Any kind of a power break can prove disastrous for a company, especially if the company deals in finances. Apart from saving on power costs, colocation gives a business peace of mind, since they not only provide power for the servers, but they also have backup generators in case of a power failure.
4) Storage Space: Since the business installs its own racks, it can save up as much data as it wants without incurring additional cost. This will let the business to store as much data as possible without having to pay for extra space.

Are you Looking for a Web-Host to Put Up Your Company’s Website?

No business, firm or company is complete without a website. Every firm spends a significant amount of money to build its website at least once. Problem is, that designing a website is just part of the work. The problem starts when it comes to hosting the website. After all, you just can’t afford a website downtime after spending a major chunk of your budget designing one.

Chances are, finding the right provider to host the website may turn out to be a bigger problem than the firm expects. The web host may be too expensive, may not offer the services required, or have a bad reputation when it comes to reliability. This is where colocation comes in.

Colocation is a one-time expense a firm has to incur. Sure, it may come with hefty price tag at first, but the advantages far outweigh the cost. Here’s a list of some of the key advantages:

  • Colocation offers technologically advanced servers that guarantee not only reliability, but advanced security protocols. A business will not have to worry about its website being up 24/7/365, and security will offer additional peace of mind.
  • Most colocation centers offer data recovery services. In case of disaster, all data will remain protected, and the web hosting company may even provide an accessible cached copy of the website during the downtime. This will ensure that business does not face any kind of financial loss because of the downtime.
  • Servers take up a lot of space, as well as power. Letting a web host handle all the technicalities will help the business avoid external business cost.
  • Since the server racks belong to the business, unlimited storage space can be added. This will let the business choose how much data to add to its website.

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