Setting up Gmail on Android

When starting an Android smartphone for the first time users need to perform some initial configuration. This process requires the user to login with his Google account but despite the initial setup, Gmail is not configured automatically. It needs to be setup manually by the user after the initial configuration of the phone.

The Gmail app itself is installed by default on all Android devices and cannot be uninstalled. What this means that there is one less step to worry about as Gmail does not need to be installed by the user.

Configuring Gmail For The First Time

The configuration of a new email account in the Gmail app is quite straight forward. There are only a few steps to be followed. Here is how to do it:

1. Open your Gmail app

2. The app will prompt the user to setup a Gmail account if none are configured. The user will only need to input his Gmail account address and the password.

3. Hit next and save and that’s it, all done!

There are a few key things that need to be understood about the Gmail app. A lot of users ask the question why Gmail needs to be configured if the phone already has the Google user and password saved as they were used for the initial phone setup.

The answer is quite simple. There are a lot of users that have a Google account and do not have a Gmail associated with it. It is possible to have a Google account and not have Gmail. In other cases users can have one Google account that they use for the phone and another one for Gmail. For these cases the Gmail app was designed to prompt the user for login credentials just in case they are not the same as for the Google account.

There is also one important note to be added. Once an email account is configured in the Gmail app it cannot be removed. In order to remove it all the personal configurations need to be wiped. This means that the profile and all customizations will be cleared thus making the phone exactly as it was when it was started for the first time. On the other hand it is possible to add more than one Gmail account.

Adding A Second Gmail Account

1. Open the Gmail app

2. Bring out the menu on the left side by tapping on the button in the top left corner or swiping on the screen from the left hinge to the right one.

3. Go to settings and tap on Add account.

4. A new prompt will ask for account type selection. Obviously the choice is Google.

5. Wait for the phone to perform some a short setup and hit the Next button when it becomes active.

6. Enter the email account details in the next screen. Finished.

It is possible to have more than two Gmail accounts configured which will prove to be useful for the ones that need to have more mailboxes. Overall the setup is quite straight and forward and should not take more than a couple of minutes including the actual time it takes to type the account credentials.

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