HTC One M9 – All the Sense 7.0 Features

With the launch of the HTC One M9, HTC will also present the new Sense 7.0 UI.

At the moment, the new UI is exclusive to the HTC One M9, but will eventually make its way to older HTC devices. The new phone brings many new features, with the main goal being to provide users countless customization options.


The new application, called Themes, lets you change absolutely everything on your phone, including icon shapes, colors, images, navigation buttons, and much more. All you need to start is to pick a photo. From there on, the customization process begins. HTC has also made the process automated. If you use automated process, the application sets the wallpaper and picks colors to use across your device, everything according to the one picture you’ve chosen.
There are several themes available, but many more can be download. In the future, HTC intends to bring team themes, holiday themes and shared themes to the application.

Customized Navigation Bar

For most Android users, having 3 buttons on the bottom navigation bar is the standard. The three buttons are home, settings and back. The HTC One M9 has added one more button in the Sense 7.0 UI. The new button lets you customize the navigation bar. Aside from changing the order of the buttons, the new fourth button can be a quick button for notifications, turn off screen, auto rotate, and hide the bar or much more. It is all up to you.


Following the trend of fitness and activity tracking, HTC has added the FitFun application in the Sense 7.0 UI. Users of the HTC One M9 will now have their own activity tracker. The design has been changed, and is now refreshingly useful.

One Gallery

We all want to have our stuff packed at one place. The HTC One M9 makes that possible with the One Gallery application. The new feature, exclusive for the Sense 7.0 UI, collects and stores all your photos in one place. This includes not only photos you’ve taken with the camera, but also photos you’ve uploaded to social networks such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and others. The application creates thumbnails for all photos, and lets you use them and edit them whenever you want.

Sense Home

The new Sense 7.0 not only brings a lot of features for you to customize your phone, but also makes the phone much more personal. The Sense Home organizes your main applications and shows you depending of your location. If there are applications you use more when you are at home, the HTC One M9 will recognize that and offer you applications for home usage.
When you are at work, on the other hand, the phone shows applications for business usage. The goal is to save users from having to dig through all their applications.

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