Business Phone Providers and VoIP Systems

The comparatively low cost and efficient bandwidth provided by VoIP, or Voice over IP, technology is resulting in increasing numbers of business phone providers offering this type of service to their customers. Specific VoIP solutions aimed directly at businesses have over the last few years developed into services treating all forms of communication, including calls, e-mails, faxes, voice mail facilities and web conferences, to name but a few of many different options, as discrete units which can all be delivered directly to cell or land based phones.

Allowing both data and voice communication to be run over a single, all-embracing network naturally significantly reduces the cost involved in the infrastructure of businesses. With prices lower than those for key and PBX systems, VoIP extensions and switches may be run via commodity hardware, such as Linux systems and PCs, for example.

Relying on standard interfaces, as opposed to closed architectures, VoIP devices permit users to make simple configuration changes to personalize their systems via easy to use, intuitive user interfaces. Users are able to switch conversations between internal WiFi and external cellular services, removing the need to carry cell and desktop phones, thanks to dual mode phones.

In addition to the cost advantage VoIP systems offer, and which includes extremely low cost international calls, these systems usually include a range of features not available to users of standard telephone systems, as well as offering the ability to have a number associated with a specific local area anywhere around the world. Another advantage, which will become of even greater importance as VoIP usage increases, is the ability to speak to other VoIP users free of charge, especially between subscribers to the same VoIP service.

Other benefits include the ability to route multiple calls over a single connexion; added security for calls through standard security protocols and, of course, the ability to use the same broadband connexion to make calls, transmit faxes or send SMS, if necessary, all at the same time. The fact that VoIP is increasingly available on Smart phones and other Internet devices increases the usability and further enhances the many advantages of this advanced technology for business users.

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