Apple iPad Air 2 – Incredibly Fast and Improved Tablet

Apple has improved its iPad Air 2 in many ways, since it’s thinner, lighter and faster than the original iPad Air.

It’s probably the best tablet on the market, with an amazing and wide selection of apps on the Apple App Store and many more great features. As the first iPad Air was a really powerful tablet, it is almost hard to imagine how this new version is improved and updated. Let’s take a closer look at the specs and features of the iPad Air 2 to see and realize these improvements.


The iPad Air 2 is one of the thinnest tablets out there-it’s only 6.1mm thick. It weights 437g, so it’s pretty light too. It is made of aluminum; it has rounded back edges and feels great when holding the tablet in your hands. The front edge has a mirror finish and a sharp chamfer and looks amazing. This is no surprise, since Apple sticks with its well known, great design. Due to size restrictions, this iPad is the first one that doesn’t have the silencing switch, which isn’t a big loss in any way. The volume buttons remain on the top right and the SIM tray remains on the lower-right. Also, the power-off button and the headphone socket are still on the top of the laptop. The real differences regarding the design of the Air 2 are the Touch ID fingerprint scanner and the speaker grill at the bottom of the tablet. You can choose your iPad Air 2 in some new colors; gold, silver and space grey.


The iPad Air 2’s cameras have been updated, so now the front-facing camera has 1.2 megapixels, while the rear-facing one has 8 megapixels. These high-resolution cameras will provide you with amazing, detailed, and vibrant photos. This tablets camera now also comes with slow motion video capture and Burst Mode.


The iPad Air 2 actually has a smaller battery than its predecessor. While the original iPad Air has an 8600mAh battery, the iPad Air 2 has a 7340mAh battery. However, Apple claims that the performance of the iPad Air 2 is as good as the original iPad Air’s. Allegedly, you can get a solid 10 hours with ordinary everyday usage, implying web browsing, listening to the music or video watching. You can also leave your iPad Air 2 in a bag for a couple of hours, without worrying that the apps will chew down its battery-after a few hours; only about 2% of the battery will be gone.

Overall, the iPad Air 2 is an impressive tablet that has improved in many specs and features. It is insanely thin and has an amazing screen. It is also really light too, so you’ll surely appreciate all of these improvements that Apple has done on this beautiful design. Furthermore, the battery on the iPad Air 2 is really impressive, as well as the upgraded OS and improved design. The combination of all of these specifications makes this tablet a very compelling device.

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