Adobe Flash Player Updates Features for Android 5.0 Lollipop Users

Adobe Flash Player for the Android 5.0 Lollipop has been released and with this latest version, the users of Android devices will be able to view flash content on a multitude of platforms.

Users of the Android v2.2 and above use the Adobe Flash Player 10.3 and with the latest version set to be launched, users of the latest Android OS will be treated to new, enhanced and more superior features. The developers of this multimedia player had the experience of the users when viewing flash content in their minds, when coming up with this new Flash Player version. Among the new features users will enjoy on their mobile devices include easy-to-activate full screen mode, sleep mode, mobile text input, and better SWF focus mode.

Full-screen activation

Most Android devices come with a small screen size and with the full-screen mode enabled; users can have a better view of flash content as well as play games in a better mode. There is an additional feature for viewing web content and using this feature; users can simply tap on content and proceed. Long tapping on the content will toggle the full-screen mode.

The long tapping feature is one exciting feature where one can click on SWF and an option will pop up with an option for full-screen mode. When you long tap on the full-screen display, you’ll get back the previous option and from here, you can discontinue the full-screen mode.

Sleep mode

A device that is completely activated will consume more battery power when viewing flash content for long periods. It is for this reason that the developers of the Adobe Flash Player for Android included a sleep mode in this application. The sleep mode timer slows down immediately the phone goes into screensaver mode and in turn lowers power and CPU consumption on mobile devices. The timer will revert to the default setting whenever a wake-up event is initiated.

This whole process will not have any effect on your audio/video playback. Better still the Adobe Flash Player will shut down all unused Android apps, when viewing the flash content so as to reduce the battery power being used. You also don’t have to worry with incoming calls and messages as Flash Player will auto-pause the playback and let you receive your call or read your message.

SWF focus mode

Users of the latest Flash Player on the Android 5.0 Lollipop will enjoy a new and better SWF focus mode which will enable them touch and gesture where one has to tap on the embedded flash content, and then follow it by setting ‘focus’ and simply drag the files to flash. This feature lets flash users interact with content in a more appealing manner as well as pan and zoom around the web page with ease.

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