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Ever since messaging applications appeared, more people isolated themselves in a virtual world, where they can chat with strangers more easily, where they share their deepest thoughts, photos and videos, where they can check on other friends’ profiles and like their posts etc. Currently, over 1 billion people are registered to Facebook and 600 million are active users on Facebook Messenger. The new version for Android is and the APK can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

You have at least one real friend using Facebook and most likely, he/she told you how awesome this place is, how many people “liked” his/her photos and how many interesting people are using this application. You decided to give it a try and since then, your list of friends grew from day to day. If you happen to own an Android device, you can install this application only if you’re running at least version 4.1 on your smartphone and you’re connected to the internet. To login, you will use your email address and password you’ve used to register to Facebook and you will manually add friends, after searching for their names. Once you get used to Facebook Messenger, you can start sharing photos and videos by uploading them from your phone; you can use stickers to animate your conversations; record voice messages instead of typing a message and send the file once you’re done speaking your mind or you can make a free voice or video call to your Facebook friends, no matter where they live on this planet; create group chats and set group photos; preview gallery photos/videos without closing the conversation etc.

On Facebook Messenger, you will know if the person to whom you sent a message has read it, you will see who’s online on Messenger and who uses the web version, you can reach your conversations easier by creating shortcuts on your home screen, you can forward messages or photos to other friends even if they didn’t participate in a conversation etc. If you don’t want to be bothered while working, turn off notifications, but you will keep receiving messages because you’ll stay logged in. If you want people to find you easier, turn on location and if you want to look for a friend, search for his/her profile and when you find him/her, send a friend request or a private message.

Facebook Messenger came with a few changes such as better filters and improved editing tools, so hurry up and download it from the Google Play store.

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