WhatsApp Download Update – Hide From Stalkers Or Block Their Phone Numbers

WhatsApp is an application that is used for chatting with your friends, no matter where they live on this planet. It’s free to use in the first year, but after the trial ends, the users must pay an annual fee of 0.99 dollars, which is almost nothing, if we take into consideration the variety of free features that are available on WhatsApp. Many teenagers download and install it to keep in touch with their schoolmates or other people they’ve meet under various circumstances, but there are situations when beautiful girls must pay a price for their physical qualities. Obsessed boys find out their numbers and start harassing them on WhatsApp.

The internet is full of dangers and naive teenagers fall victims to obsessed weirdoes who don’t accept a refusal. It’s awful to be single, but if you want to make a girlfriend, you shouldn’t act like a lecherous who uses to talk obscene or aggressive. Online bullying is a bad thing and leaves deep “scars” on someone’s mind. To protect yourself against bulliers and sex-obsessed individuals, start taking measures on WhatsApp.

Block them!

The ultimate solution for you, when a person doesn’t understand that you want to be left alone, is to block him/her. On WhatsApp, you are allowed to block the number of the contact who is harassing you, and to do that, you will need to open the chat window for that person and tap on those three dots from the top right, then select More and Block. If, in the future, you decide to forgive that person, you can follow the same steps, but instead of taping on the Block button, you will choose the Unblock button.

Hide your profile photo!

You’re pretty and you like to show your face to the world. But be careful, because if some crazy weirdo sees you and falls in love with you, even if he doesn’t know you personally, he will try to contact you and convince you to meet him. Avoid these inconveniences by hiding your profile photo. Tap on the three dots, select Settings and from the next window, select Account>Privacy and in the section “Who can see my personal info”, you can select to not show your Profile photo to anyone.

Turn off the Blue Ticks (Read Receipt)

WhatsApp made the mistake to introduce the Blue Ticks which allows the sender to know if his/her message has been read by the recipient. In the meantime, this feature, which was highly criticized, was no longer a permanent issue, because the developers took the decision to allow their users to turn it off. So, the Blue Ticks feature can be disabled by going to Privacy>Messaging and by unchecking the Read receipt selection.

Hiding the Last seen status

You can access your account in incognito mode, without worrying that some contact will scold you for not giving him/her attention while you are on WhatsApp. You can select to let everybody/contacts know when the last time you were seen online was, or you can choose to hide from all. Go to Settings>Privacy> Who Can See My Personal Info>Last Seen and select one of the three options: Everyone, My Contacts or Nobody.

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