WhatsApp Top Tricks and Tips To Make You A Master

Keeping in touch with your endeared ones and using all of WhatsApp amazing features has charmed lots of people. No matter if you are bedazzled by some of the features, or if they simple mess with your head, keep on reading to find out how to make WhatsApp even more manageable. So, here it goes:

1. Wanting to change to an updated iPhone version or simply bought a brand new Android gizmo? Well, now you can transfer the conversation archives into your new handset. For those who have a micro SD, here is what you have to do: Go to Menu, then Settings, next look for Chat settings and then go to Backup Then you simply add your old SD card to your brand new gizmo. Set-up the app and hit the Restore button. The backup may also be located on the internal storage unit, in which case you can opt for a file explorer to look for the sdcard/whatsapp file and simply transfer the important files by hand. If you need help for your iOS device, go to the Apple webpage.

2. Each time you glimpse at a contact on WhatsApp, you can see a”last seen” interval under their IDs. This will inform you when they checked into the app. If you do not wish the contacts to see when you are using WhatsApp, simply set this” last seen” feature to Nobody. For this, you must head on to Settings, then Account and Privacy. Changing the status will also forbid you to see when was the last time a contact used WhatsApp. If you want to mask your current status and even your pictures, handle everything from Privacy.

3. Every time the tick symbols are blue, you are notified that your messages have been viewed. If you want more specifics about this, simply click and hold on the text message and then click again on the Info. With iOS devices, tapping and dragging the text messages allows you to visualize the exact time frame.

4. If Chrome is set up on your PC or tablet, simply go to WhatsApp webpage and stick to the instructions for your mobile device. Make sure that phone is linked to the internet, preferably via Wi-fi. Initialize the app, look for the WhatApp Web in the menu and then simply scan the QR code you have directly in the Chrome browser. Now you’re all set to initiate conversations and get the notices you want on your home computer.

5. If group chats annoy the hell out of you, there is a way out of this. Even if you do not wish to leave the current chat, you can switch off the notices every time someone new joins the group. If you’re on an iPhone device, open the group, click on the topic to see the Group Info and then simply hit the Mute If you are on an Android device instead, again open the chat, click on the Menu and then click on the Mute button.

6. WhatsApp saves your messages every time. If you wish to “rescue” a message that was previously erased, all you have to do is uninstall Whatsapp and then install it once more. While you perform this action, you will be asked if you wish to recover the backup. So if you want to get back a previous conversation on an Android device, use the ES file explorer application and go to sdcard/WhatsApp/ Databases to browse through the archives. Once you give the file a new name, head on to Settings, then Apps and WhatsApp and then hit Clear data button. The final step is to restart your app and recover what you need.

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