How to Change Gmail Password

Google mail (Gmail) is an internationally acclaimed communication system used by both students and business executives. Its ease of use has made a preferred choice of millions worldwide. It is also free, has an advanced security system, and is one of the most recommended platforms for people who spend most of their time online editing documents and backing up files on the cloud.

Finally, unlike many emailing platforms, customization and changing essential information such as passwords is easier in Gmail. If you are worried that someone else has access to your Gmail account or that hackers can easily compromise the weak password that you specified while opening your account, read on to learn how you can change your account easily from within Gmail.

Step 1: Log into Account

Do you own a Gmail account? Are you scared that your password is weak or that some unauthorized parties are having access to the confidential files in your mailbox? To change your password, the first this you should do is to log into your account. Load on your computer’s browser to access the sign in page. On the foam that load, input the username and password you used to create your Gmail account and click login to access your account.

Step 2: Change Password

Once you have logged into your personal account, do the following to change your old or compromised password: while on the inbox, open the settings of your account. Click the gear (a small plus) on the top right corner of your account. On the drop down menu that opens, scroll to the category written “Settings” and click it once to open your account’s Settings toolbar. On the settings toolbar, scroll to the menu written “Accounts and Import” (fourth item from the top of the toolbar) and select it. This will open the “Change Password” dialogue box on the My Account window where you can change your compromised or weak Gmail password as needed.

Click on the dialogue box written “Current Password” and type the password that you use to setup your Google account. Make sure that all characters are accurate to avoid errors that might waste your precious time. On the dialogue box written “New Password,” type the new password you want to replace your old one. For better security, make sure that your new password is at least eight characters long. Apart from uppercase and lowercase letters, it should also contain numbers and symbols that make it harder to case.

Using your name or personal information that people can guess easily is a bad decision. Finally, type the same new password the in the “Confirm your new password” dialogue box and click the “Change Password” hyperlink on the bottom of the page. If the process completes successfully, you are at liberty to use your new password

Changing Gmail password is a common affair that millions of users have to do at some point. While many people think that the process is complicated and requires skill to do successfully, this thought is further from the truth. If you have not forgotten your old password, all you have to do is log into your account and follow the detailed steps highlighted in step two to change your account’s password and improve its security.

However, if you do not remember your password and do not have an alternate email linked to your account, you can change your Gmail’s password via your mobile phone. Load the login page as highlighted in step 1. Input your Gmail email address in the username box, open the Account Recovery Page, and choose “I don’t know my password.” Select “I don’t know” in all subsequent dialogue boxes.

Finally choose receive verification code via your mobile phone. Google will send you a one-time code that you can use to reset your old account password on the verification page.

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